The Complete French Country Home: Bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom in French Country style doesn't have to be a daunting task. By its very nature, bedroom decor is very personal, and one should not feel pressure to conform to a strict set of decorating rules, as one would in a formal living or dining room. The space should be inviting and comfortable first of all. If you are trying to achieve an authentic French Country look, however, there are certain guidelines that should be kept in mind.


French Country bedrooms are usually set in a background color of white or pastels. Using white and light colors allows the use of many accents, without the room becoming too heavy or appearing crowded. Be sure to use a soft white, as that is the traditional French country look and will coordinate much better with the "shabby chic" appearance of French country furniture and accents than a stark white.

White or light colors should be considered throughout the bedroom, from the flooring, which is traditionally wood, to accent rugs, bedding, and draperies.


Two pieces of furniture are key to making a bedroom with a country French theme. First, the bed. Beds in French Country decor are large and sturdy, and usually made of iron or wood. If wood is your choice, the exposed wood needs to be weathered, painted, or distressed. Iron work will be softened by the room's accents. In French Country bedrooms, the bed is the centerpiece of the room, so consider investing in this piece as well as the bedding that you will use.

Secondly, the armoire. Armoires for the bedroom come in a variety of styles. The armoire is multi-functional, so even if your room contains closets that are used to store clothing, the armoires can provide additional storage, or even serve as an entertainment center. Armoires provide hanging space, or can be configured with drawers or shelving to accommodate seasonal clothing. Storage of bedroom linens and towels is also a consideration, and many people like to leave the doors of the armoire open to reveal an aesthetic display of color coordinated linens. Armoires, like any French country piece, will be ornately designed but have a shabby appearance and look old. Armoires for the bedroom can also be softened with the use of draperies in the door panels, or even draped with sheeting, lace, or linen.


French Country bedrooms must be illuminated softly so as not to disturb the ambiance of the rural countryside appeal that the look is known for. Natural lighting is key, so sheer window treatments should be used to allow the filtered sunlight to come through. For wired lighting, chandeliers or sconces are the traditional choice. An antique or antique look chandelier should be chosen; one that features delicate details. Traditional lamps are also acceptable, but harsh or plain shades should be softened with fabric. All lightbulbs should be frosted or low wattage to avoid any harshness from the artificial light.


Accenting the French Country bedroom is the easiest part of assembling this look. The possibilities here are almost limitless- just stick to soft fabrics with traditional toile or farmhouse prints, pretty but light draperies and sheers, and soft chairs and pillows. If you have room, a small vanity table with a padded chair is a great focal point for a room corner. In addition, accents such as bed pillows and small rugs can be used to soften the look.

A well-appointed French Country bedroom can be one of the most inviting and comfort-filled rooms in your home. Make it your own, and you'll be sure to enjoy the surroundings for years to come.

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