7 Decorating Ideas For Small Nurseries

Nurseries are oftentimes the smallest room in the house. Expecting parents usually panic once they realise that babies need a lot of things and that they have little room for it all. Don't worry. With some creativity, you can maximise the space and make it perfect for your little bundle of joy.

Here are some ideas for decorating small nurseries:

1. Take Measurements

Get the measurements of the walls in your nursery before heading to the store to shop for furniture. Make sure you know which walls have doors or windows. If possible, sketch out the room's layout and take it with you when you go shopping. Having a floor plan of the nursery will come in real handy later on.

2. Buy the Basics First

Each nursery must have a crib, a changing table and a dresser. Many cribs have drawers under the mattress for additional storage space.

You'll find that there are many types of changing tables, one of which is a changing table dresser. This type of changing table maximises space and may just eliminate your need for a separate dresser. If your nursery is too small to handle a changing table dresser, then look for a compact changing table with a few drawers or shelves. You may also want to consider purchasing a changing pad and simply placing it on top of a long table or dresser.

3. Keep the Rocking Chair in a Corner

Purchase a rocking chair or glider if you have enough room for it. Tuck the rocking chair in an open corner. In order to take up less space, don't use the chair's ottoman.

4. Paint the Walls in a Light Colour

One trick to make a room seem bigger is to paint the walls in a light colour. Although white works best for this purpose, your nursery doesn't have to be painted white. Pastel colours are great options for nursery walls. If you're feeling creative, you could also opt to paint one wall a different colour, such as a shade of blue grey. Accent walls help make a room seem larger. You can also create a small mural above the crib or in one corner of the room.

5. Accentuate the Room with Bright Colours

Brightly coloured nurseries may be overwhelming. Stick to neutral shades for the walls and accentuate the room with occasional splashes of colour. For instance, you can purchase a bright mobile to hang over the crib or have a stack of colourful books displayed on a shelf. You can also line up your baby's toys such as balls or blocks on a white table or shelf.

6. Purchase a Shelf Floor Lamp

If you browse through baby stores, you might find a shelf floor lamp. A shelf floor lamp serves as both a source of light and storage space for items such as bottles, books and other items. Shelf floor lamps do not take up a lot of room and are ideal for small nurseries.

7. Sketch your Furniture Placements

Before moving in furniture for your nursery, sketch out where you'd like to place each piece. Doing this will help you avoid having to move furniture back and forth.

Furnishing a nursery can be a difficult task, especially if the room is a small one. Visit our website for ideas on how to decorate small nurseries

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