Unique Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Exotic

Designing a beautiful bedroom is easy to do if you are attempting to create one with a common look. Country, romantic or modern are all common themes that make any bedroom beautiful. However, for those who want a more exotic look, the options tend to be slimmer. The three bedroom decors below offer unique ideas to make your bedroom look and feel exotic.

Island Retreat
When you think of an island retreat, it is usually with hibiscus flowers, mosquito netting and white sand in mind. Why not add those elements to the bedroom for a truly tropical feel? Hibiscus plants can be found at most plant nurseries, as well as, many large home improvement stores that have garden centers. They are great tropical plants that enjoy sunshine from the window and offer beautiful color flowers and deep green leaves. If the bed is a poster or canopy bed, hanging mosquito netting, sheer curtains or gauze-like material from the top rails to create a mosquito netting feel. A pre-made mosquito netting tent can also be purchased if desired and will offer the same charm. If the room is being completely remodeled with new carpeting, as well as new decor, choose a carpet that is tan or sand colored. This is the easiest way to create the look of sand in the room. Fun accessories, like starfish and seashells, can also be added around the room to give it an island feel.

World Traveler
One of the most fun and exotic themes that can be brought into the bedroom is that of a world traveler. For this style of bedroom decor, look for accessory pieces from which you can draw inspiration. A rug from the Orient, a pillow with a Moroccan look, or a mask from Africa can all be used to decorate this room. Choose either one country to focus on, or incorporate as many as you would like. If using more than one country, be sure that the items have a unifying look to them. This is usually achieved with a common color that is present in almost all the items. Room walls decorated with artifacts will look best painted in a neutral tone, like off-white or beige. The bed linens can be solid and accented with patterned pillows and throws, or patterned and accented with solid accessories: Fun, bold, exotic and interesting are all a part of this bedroom decor.

Cabin Escape
If the mountains are more your style than islands and world traveling, create a rustic mountain retreat right in your own bedroom. Choose a bed frame that is made of thick, rustic wood, and furniture pieces that go with it. Colors for a cabin escape tend to be navy blues, forest greens and rich reds. Plaids and patterns are also popular, so be sure to incorporate them in the window treatments, upholstery and accessories. A great source for rustic cabin inspiration is in log home magazines. They offer a unique perspective on the look that is trying to be achieved.

Whatever style you choose to decorate your bedroom in, the key is to make it comfortable for those who will spend the most time in it. Choose a style that is exotic, but that also speaks to your interests and adventures. Have fun decorating and do not be afraid to use accessories that you may otherwise shy away from in normal home decor.

Samuel Turner, writes exclusively for Metal-Wall-Art.com, and specifically about designing with coffee cup wall art and hot air balloon wall art.

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