Six Amazing Hallway Decor Ideas

Hallways are often overlooked when decorating a home. Homeowners are so focused on designing beautiful rooms, that the hallways wind up with a coat of paint and perhaps a picture or two. To have a completely decorated home, the lack of hallway decor will simply not do. Say goodbye to boring hallways forever with these six amazing hallway decor ideas that will have guests linger in the halls.

Metal Wall Art
Metal wall art is the quickest way to turn a dull drum hallway into an amazing passageway. Metal wall art pieces are constructed from a variety of metals, including copper and brass. They are available in a wide array of shapes and designs. Choose a piece that matches the rest of the home's decor, while still offering interest and design that commands attention.

Face It
Photographs of family members are doorways to the home's soul. They show the faces of those who live in the home during tender, excited and happy moments. Creating a framed wall collage of black and white photos of family members is a stunning way to create a personal hallway decor. Choose pictures that show expression. There should be an equal number of photos for each family member's face, especially if there are children in the family, to create a balanced look and feel to the collage.

Hanging Vases
Wall vases come in a variety of stunning shapes and sizes. They can be crafted from blown glass, or hammered out of tin. When selecting hanging wall vases, choose varieties that coordinate with the home's decor, but that are also practical for everyday use. Besides the use of the wall vases themselves, the flowers that you place inside them make for an amazing hallway display of color and life. If maintaining fresh cut flowers is too overwhelming, opt for realistic looking silk flowers instead.

Modern hallways will delight in being decorated with large, black frame clocks along the length of the wall. Hang a line of clocks all at the same height down the hallway. Set each clock to a different time from places around the world. Place a small placard beneath each clock to show where in the world that time currently is. If you have traveled, choose cities or countries near to your heart to make the decor even more personal. This unusual, and timely, look will keep people lingering in the hallway as they move around the home.

Vinyl Decals
Decals are not just for cars these days. Vinyl art is quickly becoming one of the most sought after home decor ideas and with good reason. It is relatively inexpensive, can be applied, removed and re-applied with no residue, and it comes in many different styles and shapes. Choose a word or phrase that has personal meaning or a design that ties in with the rest of the home's decor for a unified look.

Say What?
Nothing is more personal than a verse or saying that has special meaning to the family members in the home. Stencil a phrase along the length of the wall to create a beautiful look that will remind guests and family members about the values of those who live within the walls of the home. Stenciled phrases are a personal, but inexpensive way to share that with those who travel the length of the hallway.

Whatever decor is selected for the hallway, be sure to take time planning and creating the look. Use a level to ensure straight lines and a tape measure to make sure that nails and hooks are where they need to be.

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