Top Ten Decorating Mistakes You Can Make in Your Home

When decorating your home, especially if you have resale in mind for the near future, there are a number of mistakes often made by the homemaker or novice decorator 'wannabe.' We're going to list what are considered the top ten mistakes for you to avoid but know that the list really is much longer.

1. Artificial flowers and plants - although fake flowers and plants may look like the real thing, especially when you spend enough...they most likely get neglected and just gather dust. True that fresh flowers can be expensive but usually fresh colorful fruit or dried materials like curly willow or bamboo stalks is a far better alternative..

2. Too many pillows - have you ever tried sitting on a sofa where the pillows actually hinder your sitting? Too many pillows on your bed also take a long time to remove and replace each morning. It's better to spend the money on something you wish to look at while sitting on your sofa or lying in bed!

3. Knickknack overload - just remember that 'less is more' when decorating with your collectibles. It you must, rotate your stash and store most of it for future display..

4. Fear of color - don't be afraid of color, try painting a wall a bold color and live with it at various times of the day. It's important to see how the color changes with the natural sunlight or room lights that you use..

5. Ignoring your windows - window treatments not only finish off a room but they are like jewelry for it. Next to paint, window coverings are the easiest and fastest way to change the entire look of your room..

6. Pushed back furniture - trust me, all furniture need not be lined up against the wall. The back of furniture can be beautiful and a sofa with a small table in the back is a great way to display a plant, lamp, or precious collectible. Move the furniture off the walls and into the center of the room. Create a communal space or focal point for your room..

7. Tacky sofa or chair covers - if you are concerned about wear and tear on your furniture fabric, consider using a protection spray or throw blankets and pillows. Remember to keep it sleek and never cover your furniture with plastic!.

8. Hanging framed artwork too high - eye level is a good height to aim for when hanging any framed item on your wall. Look at the top of your door frames and if your pieces are big enough, they could just reach the top of the door frame and go down from there. A good rule of thumb when hanging artwork over a sofa is to make sure the bottom edge is approximately six inches from the top of your sofa..

9. Improper Lighting - most people don't realize or appreciate the effect that lighting has on people. Different lighting types help create moods at different times throughout the day. To understand what type of lighting is best for a room, it's important that you know the function of the room. A kitchen will require general lighting, as well as, task specific lighting. You'll most likely want your living and dining rooms to reflect a different mood for intimacy and a dimmer switch is a great secret weapon to change the amount of light and the feeling of the space. Ceiling lights are necessary in most rooms but additional lighting, especially walls lights or sconces can completely change the ambiance of a room..

10. Floating rugs - never 'float' an area rug in the center of your room; the rug can be distracting, dangerous, and chop up a room. A rug should always be connected to furniture, an anchor for the seating area whether in your family room, living room, or dining area. At a minimum the front of the furniture feet should be on the rug..

There are many other mistakes that are typically made in home decorating such as furniture either being too big or too small for room. Avoid the extremes of having a room be too formal or too casual. While beanbag chairs and lava lamps were a trend, know that a fad is fad and typically disappears in a short period of time. It's okay to have fun with fads but don't spend a lot of money and be ready to recycle when it's out of style.

Decorate with classic looks, which remain in style, to get the best value for your money. Remember that lighting in your home is something that creates ambience; it's more than just the ability to see safely to navigate around your furniture. Lighting is used from the moment we wake in the morning until we go to sleep at night and it can add beauty to your home.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles for Directlights (, established in 1989 and is now one of the largest retailers of lighting with over 20 years experience supplying lights to homes and commercial properties in the UK. Explore a range of high quality contemporary flush ceiling lights available in various finishes to suit all interiors.

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