Wood Columns Add Style, Elegance and Class to a Home's Interior
Interior columns provide both decorative and functional benefits unlike any other architectural element. Their timeless beauty can do everything from adorn a grand entrance way or staircase to framing windows, foyers, kitchen counters, bathtubs...
By J Zax
Unique Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Look Exotic
Designing a beautiful bedroom is easy to do if you are attempting to create one with a common look. Country, romantic or modern are all common themes that make any bedroom beautiful. However, for those who want a more exotic look, the options tend...
By Samuel Turner
Six Amazing Hallway Decor Ideas
Hallways are often overlooked when decorating a home. Homeowners are so focused on designing beautiful rooms, that the hallways wind up with a coat of paint and perhaps a picture or two. To have a completely decorated home, the lack of hallway...
By Samuel Turner
Decor Ideas For A Warm & Welcoming Foyer
Your foyer is your first chance to make a good impression, and when you think about it, you really only get one chance to make that impression a good one. The goal in decorating a foyer is to make it warm and welcoming and to provide a hint of the...
By Alyssa Davis
Decorating Tips: 8 Items to Include in Your Homework
Decorating may require some special skills. But these skills should be paired with the fact that you're willing to follow some steps in the process. Now, if you want to run to an interior decorator for help, then you are required to take your own...
By Scott Richardson
Top Ten Decorating Mistakes You Can Make in Your Home
When decorating your home, especially if you have resale in mind for the near future, there are a number of mistakes often made by the homemaker or novice decorator 'wannabe' We're going to list what are considered the top ten mistakes for you...
By Kathryn Dawson
Eco-Friendly Interior Design on a Budget
While eco-friendly is a trendy lifestyle embraced by celebrities and movie stars, luckily for you, it doesn't cost much to 'go green' in many instances. Since a 'green' lifestyle embraces the budget-friendly practice of recycling and buying from...
By Alyssa Davis
Five Fun Finishes For Interior Architectural Columns
Porch columns provide both decorative and functional benefits unlike any other architectural element. Their timeless beauty has adorned many grand entrances. Used inside, architectural columns can beautify a staircase and frame windows, foyers...
By J Zax
Redecorating a Master Bedroom
If you have decided to take it upon yourself to undertake a little bit of DIY and redecorating then it is understandable that you would want to pay special attention to your bedroom. It is certainly one of the most important rooms in your...
By Dave Matthews
Decorating a Child's Bedroom
Of course every child needs a fun room that they can call their own. It's a really nice idea to decorate and personalise their bedroom in such a way that your child will feel like they have a special room that they can retreat to.
By Dave Matthews
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