Top Interior Design Ideas and Trends For 2010
The word "trends" can sometimes be misleading when talking about interior design ideas. A home and its interiors, you see, are meant to last for years (and even a lifetime).
By Craig Bush
Create a Unique Feel in Your Home With European Designs
With more and more home decorators trying to create a sense of elegance and comfort in a home. The have started to decorate homes in the French Country or European design style.
By Ryan Allen
All That You Wanted to Know About Country Decor Ideas
If you are looking to give that much needed facelift to your home, then you need not look beyond country home decorating ideas. You can create a home that is inviting and functional at the same time thanks to the number of ideas that you can find...
By Felix Lehmann
The Complete French Country Home: Dining Rooms
Imagine a meal served in a rustic country farmhouse in the middle of Provence. It conjures up images of a table laden with foods gathered from the harvested fields, wine pressed in local vineyards, and meats and cheeses purchased in local...
By Andrew Hallinan
The Complete French Country Home: Living Rooms
The living room is probably the most used or second most used room in the house, vying for top billing with the kitchen. Some homes have formal living rooms, as well as a more casual room for daily use, some have more of a a "great room" concept.
By Andrew Hallinan
The Complete French Country Home: Bedrooms
Decorating your bedroom in French Country style doesn't have to be a daunting task. By its very nature, bedroom decor is very personal, and one should not feel pressure to conform to a strict set of decorating rules, as one would in a formal...
By Andrew Hallinan
Four Easy Ways to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantle
A fireplace mantle can become a great stage for decorating in your home. In most homes, the fireplace is at center stage in the living room area, den, or master bedroom.
By Dave S. Roth
Create a Hotel Inspired Guest Room
Hotel rooms have a way of making a guest feel welcome and comfortable, primarily because of their overall simplicity and attention to detail. If you think back to your last hotel stay, you can probably remember having everything you needed...
By Angela Glancy
Impress Your Guests With Your Home Decor
Having guests over to your home can create stress. The cleaning, the preparations, and the angst of worrying what they will think of your home, can all pile up. Thankfully, there are four simple steps to make sure that your guests are impressed...
By Robert Crowley
Wood Columns Add Style, Elegance and Class to a Home's Interior
Interior columns provide both decorative and functional benefits unlike any other architectural element. Their timeless beauty can do everything from adorn a grand entrance way or staircase to framing windows, foyers, kitchen counters, bathtubs...
By J Zax
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