Choosing the Right Colour For Your Home
But what do these colours mean to your well being and state of mind? Whole books have been written about colour psychology so before you go splashing around with a paint brush we've compiled a few of the basics you need to know.
By Zoe Gordon
How to Choose the Right Modern Rug?
It's easy to look at the photographs of pictures that show people's homes adorned with beautiful things and decide you want your home to look exactly the same way. Unfortunately most of us don't have a degree in design, and few have the ideas...
By Simon Tuft
Elegant Decorating Ideas With Crystal
To some people, the idea of decorating with crystal seems sophisticated, while it seems antiquated to others. We often associate these decorations with our grandmothers, but there are actually many elegant decorating ideas with crystal that...
By Jessica Ackerman
Dealing With Odd Shaped Apartment Spaces
Sometimes apartments have oddly shaped areas that prove to be a decorating challenge. Although these unusual spaces can be interesting simply because of their shape, the trick is to work with the spaces in a way that accentuates their unique shape...
By Alyssa Davis
Flower Arrangements That Catch the Eye
There is nothing quite as beautiful and mood-boosting as an eye catching flower arrangement. Flowers can brighten any occasion and bring life and texture to any room in your house.
By Adrianna Noton
Tips to Prolong a Flower's Life
There is nothing more decorative and pleasing to the eye than fresh cut flowers. Unfortunately, flowers do not last forever. When flowers are cut, they are no longer able to access water or food so they need to be put in a vase to stay hydrated.
By Adrianna Noton
Dare to Be Different: Decorate Your Son's Nursery in Festive Orange Hues
There's no law that says a newborn's nursery must be either blue or pink, so the nursery police won't come after you if you choose pumpkin or tangerine for your crib bedding. Babies love all sorts of colors, and while they respond strongly to...
By Fenella McPherson
Decorating Your Condo
Decorating a condo requires a completely different mind set and approach from one you might take in decorating a 3,500 square foot home. From my experience in walking through hundreds of condo apartments, I would point out the most offensive...
By Peter Diamant
An Indoor Fireplace: Advantages and Disadvantages
An indoor fireplace is a great accessory for a home, but also may have its disadvantages. Many newer homes and condos may come with an indoor fireplace in the living room area or master bedroom and can be a great selling point - especially for...
By Dave S. Roth
How to Furnish Your Guest Room?
A guest room is a wonderful addition to have to your home because it provides a place for house guests or visiting family members. A guest room does not have to be very large and many people choose to convert an office or a den into a guest room.
By D. Roth
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