Zebra Baby Bedding: Creating a Nursery of a Different Stripe

So you've just found out that the baby you are expecting will be a boy, and you are trying to think of a suitable theme for his new nursery. Welcome to the wonderful world of baby bedding, with its almost endless array of marvelous options for any and all decorating styles!

Crib bedding is the virtual keystone for the design of a little boy's bedroom, the element around which everything else revolves. Once you have picked a theme, it often determines most of your color possibilities, which allows you to move on more confidently with the rest of your decorating plans. And, if you embark upon any internet search for infant bedding, you will surely come across innumerable collections that have all sorts of animal prints for you to consider.

An excellent possibility offers a handsome animal with distinctive markings and coloration and can be found by searching under zebra baby bedding. Zebras roam the African landscape, providing companion graphics for other creatures such as giraffes or elephants, and their black and white stripes are a striking component for the overall decoration. They can also be paired with an assortment of images from various jungle and safari motifs, which gives you a great deal of leeway in planning.

Earth tones are particularly appropriate here, the browns of the land contrasting with the shades of dense jungle greenery. For nursery creation in a jiffy, choose packaged ensembles containing a number of coordinated nursery items, including a bed sheet and a crib skirt. Some also come with a window treatment, and the matching quilt can be used as a cheerful play mat during baby's first year when you are wrapping him in a receiving blanket at night.

Of course, you must always keep in mind the ABC's of crib safety: AVOID placing in the crib any pillow-like items which could accidentally block baby's nose and mouth; BUY bedsheets which are properly sized to stay safely anchored around the crib mattress; CHECK for substances which may provoke allergic reactions or impair baby's development.

At any rate, after considering multiple alternatives and looking for ones that are notable for their versatility, you will undoubtedly find that zebras -- whether portrayed in a realistic fashion or depicted as whimsical fictional characters -- make a fine subject for your baby boy bedding. And since this theme is also gender-neutral, you may even be able to re-use some of the pieces in the future if your next child turns out to be a little girl.

The dos and don'ts of crib safety include, but are not limited to, avoiding any overly puffy items that could block your baby's breathing passages; remembering to buy sheets that are properly proportioned so as to stay firmly fitted around the crib's mattress; and checking for substances that may cause allergic reactions or stunt your baby's development.

Brown colored hues are especially suitable in this case, the earthen colors of the ground blending with highlights of thick forest foliage. To instantly complete a baby's bedroom, go for packed combinations having many complementary bedroom furnishings, such as bed coverings and bed skirts. Some complete zebra bedding sets include matching extras for the room like coordinated quilts or curtains to continue the theme throughout the nursery.

A wonderful option gives you a smart looking creature with colors and lines that stand out and that can be seen by looking for the keywords animal print baby bedding. Roaming through the African landscape, these zebras are a perfect accompaniment to other animals like elephants and giraffes, and their black and white stripes blend very well with the rest of the decor. Not only that, they can be paired with a vast array of jungle and safari images, which does wonders for one's sense of planning.

Fenella McPherson is a writer for Baby Bedding Zone, an online retailer of baby bedding, including a wide selection of zebra baby bedding and baby boy bedding.

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