Advantages and Disadvantages For LED Light Bulbs

In the past, two types of lighting sources were available, one was traditional lighting and the other was fluorescent lighting. Both of them had issues of emitting more heat than the energy, that is, there is more heat and less light with a short life span. To solve these problems the LED technology was developed. It is a semi-conductor source of light which is used in the bulbs, flash lights, and other light fixtures.

There are many different types of light bulbs out there to choose from which means that it can be not that simple to decide which ones to use as you are not just stuck with one type of lighting in your whole household. You can use different bulbs depending on where and what you are going to be using it for. One of the newer types of light bulb that you may want to use is the LED bulb.

LED light bulb is a great choice can be used throughout your household for many different reasons. LED light bulb has many benefits over other types however they also have not that good benefits.

LED Advantages: It has extremely long life span. It does not just cut out straight away when life is low.

LED Disadvantages: Not very high voltage so the light is not huge.

The first advantage, extremely long life span is a very good thing for these LED bulbs. They can last up to 200,000 hours however they mostly should be changed roughly around the 50,000 hour mark as once they reach here they usually start to dim down that means that they need changing.

LED lights will start to fade and are not be as bright when they start to run out as such you will always have time to get more or change the light bulb, also you will still be able to use the bulb for a while longer.

These types of light bulbs do not give out huge light so that is why they are usually recommended for side lights and corner of the room lights. LED lights are not limited to these at all however they are recommended use for them.

LED lights do not give off very much heat that can be regarded as very good considering other traditional bulbs can give off most of its power as heat which reduces your bulbs lifespan. LED bulbs power goes into producing light.

When using any type of bulb is "Do not look directly at the light", this is because the light that a LED bulb gives off is an intense low light so it can be very dangerous for your eyes if you look directly at it.

The great thing about LED bulb is that they are just solid light as such there is nothing which can potentially fail except for it running out after constant use for several years, you are even able to get different colours displayed from one depending on what kind of allow is utilised when producing the light.

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