Eco Friendly Wood Furniture

Bringing the natural world inside is possible by using the beauty of wood furniture that is eco-friendly. Manage the wood correctly and you will have a wonderful resource that will live on throughout generations in your family. As well, the world's forests are met if fifteen percent of the earth's forests can be managed correctly.

There are some environmental considerations to keep in mind, when looking for wood furniture such as, environmental problems, and solutions. The United States leads the way for wood consumption. The World Wildlife Fund states that close to half of the world's original forests have already been cut down. With forty million acres, this adds to more loss each year.

With that information, there are ways to make sure you have eco-friendly furniture. To insure that the furniture you have does not contribute to deforestation, look for the wood the Forest Stewardship Council, known as FSC, certifies that. This is a non-profit organization whose beliefs cover environmental, social, and they have requirements to the specific needs of each regional ecosystem. This eco-friendly wood is stamped with a FSC logo. When you see this logo, you know that the eco-friendly wood furniture is sustainable. Meaning it did not take away from the regions in need for the wood.

Another option is finding wood that is from demolition landfills, or even underwater. By recycling this wood, you have kept the forests standing, and you give a second life to some wood that has served a previous function. This does not require any new wood and may even free up the space in the landfills. Smart Wood Rediscovered is a company that certifies the wood is recycled and is not harming any forests.

Sweetgum, madrone, and California oak are readily available, without knowledge of this wood. If you use these types, they are equal to even better than some of the most popular wood. This wood is known as secondary species, because they are harvested more. Therefore, the other species, such as mahogany, can continue to regenerate naturally. Buying these products with the secondary species, takes a lot of pressure from the overused wood, and the diverse forest wood.

Eco-friendly furniture offers beautiful home furnishing. The eco-friendly wood is longstanding, and used for years to come. Most people will own some type of wood furniture, rather in their home or in their offices at any given time. Now that you know the right wood to look for to use for the eco-friendly furniture, now it is time to care for this wood correctly.

Wood furniture needs to be cared for and treated. This will help to lengthen the life of your furniture. Wood cleaners and polishers sold on the market today are full of chemicals. This is not good for the wood. Once you did all your research on getting the eco-friendly wood, and which wood is the best, you certainly do not want hazardous cleaning agents in your home or on your wood furniture.

Any woodworker asked on what to use on the new eco-friendly wood furniture. All that they can tell you is that you need to care for the wood. Cleaning and caring for it will help your furniture to look great for years ahead. Wood furniture loves moisture, but this does not mean it is a good idea to clean the wood with water. Through the studies, the best way to clean and polish your eco-friendly wood is beeswax, giving the wood a beautiful shine.

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