Five Tips to Choosing Solar Patio Lights That Will Last

Are you looking for solar patio lights to enhance and brighten your landscape? Follow these easy and straightforward tips to find solar lights that will go the distance. Investing in solar fixtures for your patio and garden area is a smart move. You'll instantly improve curb appeal and your home's inherent value with these lights.

Solar lights are inexpensive and maintenance free. They're the green choice for illuminating patio walkways, driveways, gardens, and outdoor landscapes. Sunlight provides the necessary energy, making this style of light free to operate. Homeowners have the freedom to choose just about any location for these versatile lights, as long as it is in direct sunlight.

Five Tips for Choosing Solar Patio Lights

Consider the materials from which the lights are manufactured. Plastic light shades tend to discolor over time and become brittle from direct sunlight. Plastic also tends to break easily, especially if you have children or pets. Stainless steel housing seems to perform the best in cold climates. Materials such as copper, stainless steel, pewter, or stone seem to perform better for the long haul and are more attractive as well.

Choose the style of solar lights that will compliment your patio and surrounding landscape. There are several styles available, so take some time to do the research to see what style might be the best fit for your patio area. Hanging solar lights, stepping stones, solar umbrella lights, solar rope lights, stake lights, and solar patio lights with whimsical themes are just a few of the choices available. Be certain of course, that the placement of the lights will be in the path of direct sunlight.

Plan your design prior to purchasing lights for your patio. Know where you want to put each light and how many you'll need to successfully complete your desired design. Be aware that most patio lights driven by solar energy provide soft illumination rather than light by which to read or do other detail-oriented activities, so plan accordingly when making design decisions.

Inspect the light housing of the solar light fixture whenever possible. It should be manufactured and designed in such a way that it is sealed against water and other weather elements. Otherwise, when water or excessive moisture enters the light housing, it could ruin the light altogether. The structure and overall construction of the light fixture should be sturdy, not flimsy and shoddily put together. This is definitely one case of "you get what you pay for".

Read the customer reviews on the product in which you are interested. Customers who have purchased and used that particular brand of solar patio lights will have personal experiences they desire to share with others. Reviews are an excellent research tool when you're planning to add solar light fixtures to your outdoor spaces.

Solar lights emit no pollution and are beneficial to the environment. They're an excellent choice overall opposed to traditional electrical light fixtures for many reasons. Add beautiful and purposeful accents to your patio, garden, or pathways with solar lights!

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