Decorate Your Home With a Murano Chandelier

Decorate your home with a Murano chandelier

Purchasing a chandelier of Murano glass makes incomparable style of your home: the charm, refinement and beauty of a true work of art can be enclosed in a single item of furniture.

Murano glass chandeliers combine the charm of the immortal works of art, the functionality of an object suited to every home, and a style all ancient and modern, perfect for all types of furniture.

The Murano glass is known worldwide for its beauty: each chandelier is handcrafted, and is the result of centuries of tradition, the ancient techniques of the man and the passion of true artists.

The design of each lamp is cured in every detail, from conception to completion, combining talent and experience.

The Master glassmakers developed different Murano chandeliers series, some of which are stylistically based on classic Venetian traditions and others that results from innovative, avant-garde design concepts. The artistic skills of the Masters and their collaborators motivated them to develop and create new techniques and distinctive colours for your Murano chandeliers.

The commitment has resulted in creative Murano chandeliers and lighting fixtures with appealing, unique and inimitable designs that are guaranteed to enhance any area of the house and satisfy the needs of the most discerning consumers.

The classic lines of the Murano chandeliers, inspired by the finest example of eighteenth century Venetian art, propose ornate decorations that are superbly adapted to suit modern needs. Imposing and refined, the Murano chandelier is conceived as the central element of the room, reflecting brilliant plays of light and translucent hues.

Elegance and innovation are the distinguishing features of the Murano chandeliers series inspired by the twentieth century. The decorations of the Murano chandeliers are more essential, and include floral motifs modelled on the styles in vogue at the turn of the century.

By the start of the thirties the central Murano chandeliers became less important and were replaced by a variety of lighting sources with subtle forms that were linked to interior design. The range includes a vast variety of ceiling lights, wall fixtures and table lights that create a wonderful diffuse lighting effect and an atmosphere that only hand-crafted Murano chandeliers can offer: multi-coloured or filigree, murrhine inclusions or decorated with silver or gold leaf.

Murano glass chandeliers are made according to the highest quality standards, applying the widest range of techniques and with utmost care to the technical and performance features of all the mounting elements end electrical materials.

An antique glass chandelier from Murano is not a mere object for lighting, but one piece, the result of a long creative process and entirely hand-crafted realization. When the purity of the glass blends with the beauty and harmony of color forms, is the art of Murano glass, unique and unrepeatable.

Master glassblowers great expertise and experience resulted in supreme versatility in terms of design and product range of Murano chandeliers: from the most refined traditional Venetian styles to the most advanced designs and chromatic effects.

This is why Murano chandeliers are the guarantee of quality for the most demanding clientele, including contract sector customers.

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