How to Get the Most From Your Xmas Lights

Christmas lights have been part of the festive tradition for a long, long time and with good reason. Skillful lighting really works to evoke a mood of festivity and celebration at this special time of the year.

The sight of the main street of your town lit up with strings of lights and a huge illuminated Xmas tree is something that really lifts the heart. And the sight of such world landmarks as Sydney Opera House and the Eiffel Tower bedecked with a glorious array of colored lights is a heartwarming sight.

When it comes to your own home, are you getting the most out of your Xmas lights? There's so much you can do with these festive illuminations. One great plus is that it's the cheapest and easiest way to bring festivity to your home, both inside and out.

Nowadays you've got a vast range of Xmas lights to choose from. You could opt for blue, red and multicolored star lights that light up your home like bright, twinkling galaxies; curtain lights that cascade down in a waterfall of richly-hued illumination; reels of glowing rope lights that can be unfurled and hung around the home and garden; and novelty lights in the shapes of festive items such as snowflakes and angels.

With Such a Wide Array, how do you Choose?

When it comes to getting the right indoor Xmas lights, you'll need to think about what mood you want to create. Families with young children can opt for twinkling lights and novelty lights to create that magical mood for the young ones; older residents can choose a more gentle relaxing mood using blue and white lights, for example.

Xmas tree lights are at the heart of festive lighting so need to be chosen carefully. You can choose different types of effects to suit your mood. Static lights create a peaceful atmosphere while flickering or twinkling lights evoke a livelier feeling. Blue LED mini lights and silver ornaments give an extremely elegant effect.

As for deciding the number of bulbs needed for your Christmas tree, this will depend on the type of lighting used. LEDs (light emitting diodes) are the most popular nowadays owing to their blend of brightness, economical use of electricity and long life.

If you're using traditional incandescent filaments, for a normal six foot high tree, you need around 600 bulbs. As LEDs are so much brighter, you only need half that amount.

It also makes sense to use battery-powered lights. These are very portable and also extremely safe. They're perfect to install in those spots where there's no wall socket. Battery powered LEDs can run for 36 hours before needing a change.

Outdoor Xmas lights proclaim your festive mood to the whole neighborhood and here the scope is vast. You could deck out your trees, porch, patio, windows and eaves with a myriad of outdoor Christmas lights.

Here are a few guidelines:

- Measure your home to determine how much lighting you'll need.

- Be sure to get lights with IP44 and IP64 ratings. This means that the lights can be left out in all weathers.

- Put your lights on a timer. You'll save power when they switch off automatically in the early hours.

Look for light strings that can be plugged into each other. This can give you great flexibility. Joining shorter units means you can easily replace one unit should it malfunction. Examples are connectible LEDs. Up to 30 sets can be joined together to produce a total length of 300 meters which should be enough for any home and garden. One nice trick is to join white and multicolored lights together for a varied effect.

What would the festive season be like without Christmas lights? A lot drearier for one thing. For this special time of the year you owe it to yourself and your family to pull out all the stops in creating that happy yuletide mood. The great thing is that using Xmas lights allows you to do this quickly, easily and cheaply.

Fortunately discovering the rich world of Christmas lights is as easy as visiting the web sites of the UK's main vendors. Here you browse the illustrated online catalogs and choose what's suitable for your home. Then just place your order right at the site for prompt delivery.

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