Choosing the Perfect Chair: Consider Style and Function

Selecting the perfect chair for a room design does not seem like it should be a particularly difficult thing to do, but, just like picking out a paint color for the walls, there is such a vast selection from which to choose, sometimes it is hard to narrow your choice. So, rather than laser focus on the chair itself, take a step back and consider the entire room's ambiance and your needs. By matching your room's style and function to a chair selection, you will not only have an easier time of choosing the perfect chair, but the chair will fit the look and use of the room.

Here are three popular chair styles and where they work best.

Rocking Chairs

Close your eyes and picture a rocking chair. Where do you picture it, and what function is it serving? Most people see it in either a nursery with a parent gently rocking a child to sleep, or they may picture it on a front porch for relaxing on a warm summer's eve. The traditional rocking chair, crafted from wood, has a bit of a country flavor to it, and it is right at home on a front porch. Furniture style rocking chairs with padded seats and armrests are better suited for indoor use, and with the ergonomic improvements in styling, they lend themselves perfectly to use in the nursery. As you can see, if you know what room you want to place your rocking chair in and how you want to use it, choosing just the perfect style chair is pretty easy.

Restful Recliners

Another very popular chair is the recliner, and it is as comfortable in a den as it is in a family room or media room. This all-in-one chair lets you easily pick the perfect posture for comfort. It will elevate your legs if you wish, and the back of the chair reclines for comfort. Available in many different styles, sizes and fabric finishes, these chairs were once only available as bulky, oversized eyesores. However, they now are crafted to fit the decor in just about any room design, so you can find the perfect marriage of comfort and style for your family room, bedroom or media room.

Formal and Casual

If you want to build a conversational grouping in your family room or your living room, comfort and style will be your main considerations. Meant for entertaining, conversational seating offers a comfortable place to enjoy afternoon tea or after dinner coffee. If you do want to create a less formal conversational seating area, then you can find chairs that are a little more oversized than your traditional upholstered chair. Add a throw blanket and end tables to hold drinks and reading material.

Shopping for new furniture for your home, is always a lot of fun and if you know how to go about choosing the perfect furniture for any given room, you can choose a piece that will suit your room and your needs perfectly.

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