Building a Car Bed For a 6 Year Old Boy

Young boys generally love cars, so designing a car in the shape of a bed can be a great way of adding some bedtime fun to the room of your favorite 6 year old boy. Although there are beds that are already designed in a bed shape that you can purchase, part of the fun of making your own bed is that you can personalize it to match the specific interests of the young boy. In fact, most boys would love to help in the construction process, which will add even more fun to the bed.

Choosing a Pattern for the Bed
If you wish to create a professional quality crafted car bed, you will find it easy to locate and purchase plans that will provide you with all the instructions you need to create the bed. These plans can be extremely handy, as they will itemize the exact materials you need, give you dimensionally correct pattern pieces and measurements that you can use for whatever size of bed you are creating, and can even give you templates and design patterns that you can follow when painting and decorating the bed. These plans are generally quite reasonable in price, and can be a great starting point for the average do-it-yourself builder who wishes to build a car bed without the need to personally design the bed. In addition to the design plans, you will also need to purchase wood, hardware and decorating supplies. However, even when you add up all these elements, you will still save a lot of money as compared to purchasing a ready-made car bed.

Designing Your Own Car Bed
If you don't want to purchase design plans to make a car bed, you can also get creative and design your own bed. If you are skilled in woodworking, this can be an excellent way of not only saving money on plans, but also will give you total design freedom. Of course, not everybody has the building skills that are necessary to construct this type of bed. Fortunately, there are plenty of methods you can use to create a bed that still has an overall car theme that any 6 year old boy would love.

Designing a Simple Car Bed
The first step to designing a simple car bed that doesn't require a lot of construction work is assessing the frame that is currently being used for the bed. In some cases, some simple accessories and a creative coat of paint can be all that is needed to create a really fun bed. Paint the bed frame in a bright race car color, perhaps with a wide racing stripe down the center for extra design appeal. You can cut round shapes out of wood for the wheels, or even find some wheels from off of a wagon or other small vehicle that you can use. Attach one wheel to each of the legs of the bed. If you have cut them full-size from wood, you could even add actual hubcaps for an authentic look. Attaching a small steering wheel to inside of the foot board of the bed is a fun touch, and round plastic touch-lights can be easily mounted on the outside of the foot board to serve as headlights.

Angela Glancy, is a freelance artist and consultant with She enjoys sharing her creative approach to contemporary wood wall art and iron tree wall art.

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