How to Get the Most From Your Xmas Lights
Christmas lights have been part of the festive tradition for a long, long time and with good reason. Skillful lighting really works to evoke a mood of festivity and celebration at this special time of the year.
By Kathryn Dawson
Selecting the Best Furniture For You Home
When it comes to your home, every single piece of the decor is an integral part of the setup. It needs to be matched not just to the general theme of the particular room, but it should be able to provide comfort.
By Simona Rusnakova
Your Living Room Requires an Elite Look - Buy Excellent Furniture
Setting up a living room is one of the most difficult parts of the entire process of home decoration. This is especially true when the room is being given a makeover. The aim of any furnishing or renovation should be the imparting of...
By Simona Rusnakova
Choosing the Perfect Chair: Consider Style and Function
Selecting the perfect chair for a room design does not seem like it should be a particularly difficult thing to do, but, just like picking out a paint color for the walls, there is such a vast selection from which to choose, sometimes it is hard...
By Jessica Ackerman
Choosing Fabric Upholstery From Sustainable Green Sources
More consumers than ever are choosing to decorate their homes with products made from sustainable green materials and sources, and upholstery is one item where green alternatives are available. One way to choose 'green' upholstery is to...
By Jessica Ackerman
Lighting Your Basement Home Office
An office in your basement can be a great option, for a number of reasons. A basement office is separate from the primary living areas of your home, offering a sanctuary that's cool, private and quite, which is an important factor, especially if...
By Kent W Johnson
Choosing the Right Lighting Fixtures For Your Home
When it comes to designing the different rooms of your home, lighting is an extremely important factor. Lighting has a great effect on the overall atmosphere of a room, which is why you must take the time to look for just the right lighting fixtures.
By Laura Stephens
Building a Car Bed For a 6 Year Old Boy
Young boys generally love cars, so designing a car in the shape of a bed can be a great way of adding some bedtime fun to the room of your favorite 6 year old boy. Although there are beds that are already designed in a bed shape that you can...
By Angela Glancy
Murano Chandeliers - Elegance in Glass
Illuminate your house with the fine art and elegance that comes with Murano chandeliers. Lighting solutions of all kinds is part of the options; choose from a wide array of chandeliers, wall sconces, floor lamps, ceiling lamps, and table lamps.
By Charles Cole
Childrens Lighting For a Safe and Happy Kid's Room
Lighting plays a key role in making our homes safe, functional and comfortable and this is especially true when children are involved. For children's lighting, you need to create a mix of illumination that's both bright enough to be safe...
By Kathryn Dawson
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