Choosing a Carpet Color

Certain paint colors are known to affect the appearance of a room's size, what about choosing a carpet color? The color of your carpet adds dimension to a room as well. The color you choose may depend on the room's function and the type of carpet you choose. (Berber, deep pile, frieze to name a few.) A room's mood can be changed by carpet color. The right carpet color can enhance a room and improve a home's resale value. What's the best color for a bright living room? What's the best color for bedroom carpet? What type of carpet can make a room with very little natural light look brighter? Knowing a little bit about the types of carpet available and how color affects emotion can help you develop a custom interior design.

Depending on your interior design tastes for your home, you may want to convey a luxurious traditional mood, a relaxed country theme, or a contemporary modern style. You may have a different theme for every room or a consistent theme throughout your entire home. Carpet allows the versatility for these types of design choices. According to market research from color psychologists at Color Matters, deep shades of colors relay a feeling of luxury. Purple is associated with relaxation. Your carpet color choice will help establish a mood in every room, which is helpful for customizing children's bedrooms, casual living spaces and formal areas. How frequently you plan to use the room also factors in to color choice. Is this a space you plan to spend much of your time in or will house guests be spending more time there?

If you plan on redesigning your interior spaces every few years you will need to stay up-to-date with interior design trends. Recent trends show that purples, blacks, neutral ivory shades, and aquamarines are popular among interior designers. These colors pair well with creamy, silvery, or chocolate wall colors. For homeowners who only redesign when necessary, there are classic neutral combinations that allow for flexible aesthetics in the long-term. Neutral cream-colored carpet, depending on the pile and type of carpet chosen, allows homeowners to use wall colors, furniture and decorations as their primary color pallet.

If you have a high-traffic room, you may opt for a carpet color that blends various shades. Whether a hallway or a frequently used living space, foot traffic may track in dust and dirt from the outdoors and fade a carpet's color. Choosing the right type of carpet for these high-traffic spaces helps prevent wear and tear. There are many stain-resistant carpet options available spun with special materials that propel staining agents. These innovative carpet materials allow for easy cleaning and help prevent permanent wear patterns.

Carpet color choices are diverse, but having as much information as possible about interior design and home remodeling trends will help you find the best shades for your living spaces. Once your color and carpet choices are made, the next step is scheduling a carpet installation, and then all you have left to do is enjoy your new surroundings.

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