How to Identify a Contemporary Rug?

If you've ever taken a moment to watch a design show on television, you've likely been a little intimidated. The designers involved seem to have all of the necessary knowledge. They know what items will work with these colors, and they can often list things you need if you're going with a contemporary or a classic design style. For those of us who don't have this level of knowledge, though, home design work remains an elusive challenge. There are, though, a few ways to tell contemporary rugs apart from classically styled ones.
What to Look For

The first thing that you can look for that will help you to identify contemporary rugs is the design or the theme of the rug. Contemporary rugs tend to have unique patterns and designs. You may find selections that have bold shapes and abstract patterns, as well as ones that have swirls and even possibly animals. Many times you'll find contemporary rugs that have a geometrical design or linear patterns on them.

The color is also something that may tip you off to the rug being in a contemporary design. The color may be bright and bold, or it could be a light pastel with a bunch of different patterns on them. The shapes and lines that you'll find on contemporary rugs are often much more simple than the ones that you'll find on traditional rugs.

The material of contemporary rugs tend to be materials such as nylon, olefin, and polyester, although you can find some made of things like cotton, silk, or even bamboo. One big difference between traditional rugs and contemporary rugs is that most contemporary rugs can be used in almost any area of the home. While traditional rugs shouldn't be used in kitchens, contemporary rugs are fine in a kitchen or even in a bathroom. They are extremely versatile. Check the label on the rug you're looking at and if you see any of these types of materials that make it up, you may have a contemporary rug on your hand.

Another bit hint that the rug that you're looking at may be a contemporary design is that it may be in a very different shape. Most traditional rugs are in rectangular shapes, but contemporary rugs may be in any sort of shape, like an oval, a round shape, or even an octagonal shape! Small geometrically designed contemporary rugs can be very fun to use as accent pieces, while large strangely shaped rugs can be fun in large spaces in your home.

And the last thing that you can look at that would help you to figure out if you're looking at traditional or contemporary rugs is to look for fringes. Many contemporary rugs have fringes on them. Make sure, if you are going to get a contemporary rug that has fringes on it that it is sewn very tightly and properly, so that they don't get tangled and that they don't fall off as well.

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