Should You Get a Round Modern Rug?

Almost every home is different in terms of decor, but one thing tends to remain the same: most people have rugs in their home. Rugs are a great way to warm up a room and to keep your feet warm on a cold morning. They can make a room look complete and are often the best way to tie all of your furniture together. One thing that many people overlook is differently shaped rugs. Most people look for rectangular rugs because that's what they're used to purchasing. You can, however, utilize round modern rugs in your home to make it look much more attractive and appealing in a very easy way.

Round Rugs

Before you order any round rugs, you need to figure out what room you're going to put the round rug in. While round rugs can make most rooms look great, there are some places where round modern rugs just don't look good. Take the hallway, for instance. You could, if you were determined, find a number of small around rugs to put in the hallway almost like stepping stones, and while that may work for some dcor, it simply won't work for many, so you're better off getting rectangular rugs for the hallway.

A bedroom is one place where rounded modern rugs work great, as is a living room. You can even create a great deal of contrast in your dining room by putting a round rug on the floor underneath a rectangular or square table. So remember: while round rugs work in many rooms, they don't work in all of them.

Purchasing the Rug

One of the big differences between purchasing round modern rugs and purchasing rectangular ones is in the size. The size of round rugs tends to be a bit different than rectangular rugs, as you will find less size options. This is why it is a good idea to look at the sizes of round rugs you can find before you start planning where the rug will go. Once you've found a size that you think works, tape out those dimensions on the floor of the room you're going to put the rug in. This will show you what the rug will look like when you have gotten the rug home and have it installed in the right room.


So how can you make your round modern rugs look even better than you ever thought they could? One tip is to know that you don't necessarily need to see every corner of the rug. For instance, try putting a round rug underneath a large sectional couch. Make it so that the round rug pops out of the corner of the couch and occupies a large area in front of the couch and you'll find that you have created a very unique dynamic in front of the couch, drawing a great deal of attention to it. Another tip is to make sure that you get colors that work in the room that you're going to place the rug in. Even though your rug is round and unique, having colors that contrast will diminish the beauty of the rug.

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