The Different Curtains and Materials You Need From Curtain Shops

Curtains work three ways: they block sunlight from entering your home's rooms, they help you protect your privacy from neighbors or passersby and they also add elegance and beauty to an otherwise drab room.

Curtains come in many different styles--you can pick the best one suited for the various rooms in your house. Your bedroom, for instance, may require a heavy curtain that keeps others from peeking inside, whilst your study room will benefit from a lightweight curtain that can give the area a lighter feel. Below are some of the more popular curtain styles and the materials you need to install them in your home.

1. Voile. Voile curtains are great for rooms wherein you need a lot of light, like sitting areas, study rooms and kitchens. Voiles can also be used as a second curtain over a heavier one, so you have more options should you want your room to be more private. This type of curtain is made from sheer, lightweight fabric, like cotton or voile itself. Voile curtains are also washable and easy to maintain. All you need are voile or cotton fabric and curtain rods to install the curtain over your window.

2. Blinds. Although blinds may seem so different from regular curtains, you can still purchase materials for these at curtain shops. Often used in offices, blinds are made from plastic, faux wood, fabric or metal. Blinds also come in different styles--from thin, vertical blinds to thicker, Venetian blinds. Slats are connected together by string or wood to form the blinds, which can be opened or closed with a mechanism or a string. Blinds can be bought ready-made at curtain shops.

3. Tab Top Curtains. These are one of the most popular types of curtains. Tab top curtains are made from a wide variety of fabric and are made by creating loops on top of the curtain where a rod or pole can pass through. Some even sew Velcro or buttons on the loops to make it easier to remove the curtain from the rod for washing. An ordinary curtain rod and enough fabric for the size of your window is all you need to make this type of curtain.

4. Grommet Drapes. Grommet Drapes are practical because they are quite easy to open and close. They are, however one of the hardest types of curtains to make. A drapery header, grommets and a drapery rod are needed to make grommet drapes. The header is placed between the sheets of fabric at the top of your curtain, holes are cut out and grommets are placed to hold the rod. Elegant and stylish, grommet drapes can beautify any room.

5. Bead Curtains. Go hippie chic with beaded curtains. Taking inspiration from the carefree, gypsy lifestyle, beaded curtains can be used to divide certain parts of a room or as a cute accent to your child's bedroom window. All you need to make funky beaded curtains are string, colored beads (you can even go for seashells, gemstones, crystals or glass) and a rod from which you can hang your bead curtain. For an exciting family activity, let your kids in on the fun and let them help you make the curtain.

Use curtains to protect your privacy and enhance any room in your house. With the information above about the different types of curtains, you'll finally have an easy and fun time searching for materials for the perfect curtains for your home.

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