Benefits of Rugs

When you first think about decorating your home, you may think instantly about the color that you'd like to put on the walls or about the furniture that you'd like to get. Many people also take a close look at the floors of their new homes and try to figure out what they can do to make their floors look better and to fit into their design. One thing you may want to add is wool rugs. Wool rugs can be a great addition to your home for a number of different reasons.

Flame Resistant

Most people fear fire. We do everything that we can in order to prevent a fire from happening in our homes, but sometimes a fire does occur. It is at that point when having wool rugs is actually a benefit! One thing that many people don't know about wool rugs is that they're flame resistant and inflammable. This means that should a flame ignite on the rug, the flame will actually have a very difficult time staying lit, and will most likely put itself out fairly quickly. While this may not protect your entire home from the fire, it can help to delay it for a little while, which may be enough time for the family to get out of the house safely.

Clean and Long Lasting

Two more benefits in getting wool rugs lies in the fact that they're easy to keep clean and they last for a very long time! Unlike synthetic choices, wool rugs are extremely durable and easy to maintain. Because of this they've got the potential to last for generations, which means that you may never have to change your wool rugs again. Another thing that makes people who hate germs and dirt happy is that wool rugs are resistant to dirt, dust, and even to bacteria! This makes them a great asset to have in the home, especially if you have pets and children. They've been proven as well to help to prevent mold because they absorb moisture from the air. This can even help with your humidity levels. Did you think that wool rugs were able to do all of that?

Static Electricity

Who hasn't walked across a rug and then touched a door knob for a nasty surprise? Static electricity builds up in a home and the carpet is a great conductor. Many people who live in cold climates in the nation find that they have to fight static electricity a great deal during the winter months. Wool rugs, however, are actually resistant to static electricity! This makes them a great option for children's rooms and also for any room that has a great deal of traffic.

If you're thinking about adding a new rug to your home, take a look at the wide array of different types of wool rugs that you can purchase. There are wool rugs in all designs and shapes and colors and they all have the same great benefits to them.

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