FAQ About Shaggy Rugs

Q: Can a shaggy rug really go with my decor?

That depends on the type of decor you have. If you're thinking about putting a shaggy rug in a room that has a colonial or cabin type of feel to it, than you may be taking a very large fashion risk. If, however, your room has more of a modern feel, or a mish-mashed feel to it, than you can definitely get away with adding shaggy rugs into your decor without a problem! Of course, if you have decided that you want to have shag rugs in your home but they don't match your decor, most people find that a few furniture changes can switch up a room enough to make shag rugs look great in them.

Q: What colour shaggy rug should I pick for my room?

It depends on what you're trying to accomplish with your room. Are you trying to warm up the room or cool it down? If you're trying to make the room hotter, don't think red, think dark blue. Colours like dark blue or dark brown or even burgundy can make a room look much darker and therefore more intimate and close. Lighter colors, like light blues and yellows, can make a room feel much more sunny and airy. When in doubt, try looking around the room that you're going to be decorating to see which colours you already have a great deal of. This should help you to find a color that would look great in the room you're decorating.

Q: Can I just beat out my shaggy rug a few times a year?

You can beat out your shaggy rug a few times a year, but this won't make them clean. While beating them out a few times is a great way to get out some of the leftover dirt in the rug, it's not the best way to clean the rug. Make sure you vacuum it once or twice a week and that you use a stiff bristled broom to clean out the deep dirt on a regular basis.

Q: Should I hire someone to clean my shaggy rug?

It can be a bit intimidating to think about cleaning shaggy rugs, especially when you have some stains on the rugs. If you're worried about cleaning your shag rugs properly, you can definitely hire someone to clean them for you. Many people find, however, that they can clean their own rugs simply by renting a high quality carpet cleaner from a rental company. If you opt to do this, make sure that you ask the rental company what settings to use for rugs and if they have any tips on how to get stains out.

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