How a New Comforter Set Can Remake Your Bedroom

A new comforter may seem like a very simple and inexpensive addition to any space, but it can offer much more than just that. In many cases, even your older or outdated bedroom furniture can have a new lease on life if you update the actual bedding and linens you use within it. More so, when you slide into bed, and feel those new sheets and snuggle with your new comforter sets, chances are good you will love the investment you made.

How to Update Your Room

How can you update your bedroom furniture and overall bedroom style with the use of bedding? Consider these tips, which are sure to transform your space into something that is definitely worth the investment.

1. Look at material first. Some of the best new bedding products are those that add a lot more comfort to the area without adding a lot of cost. If you want something warm, choose a microfiber based bedspread. Microfiber is soft and warm. If you are looking for something cooler, for the summer months choose linens that are cotton based.

2. Even better, check out the organic sheets and comforter sets. Organic is the way to be today, in the ever-changing environmentally friendly world. Best of all, organic products are more available than ever. Therefore, if you are going for a green look in your bedroom (perhaps with wood bedroom sets, bamboo flooring and energy efficient drapes) it just makes sense to look for the right bedding, too.

3. Patterns and more: the pattern or style of the fabrics used in your new bedroom linen set is just as important as what it is made up of. The style and design of the set really depends on your tastes and the rest of the space. However, this is one element you can use to set the tone for the rest of the room.

Consider some of the following style choices you may have to choose from:

* Choose a luxurious satin or silk type of comforter for a cooling effect that is definitely sexy.

* Go with deep reds and black colors, or other rich colors to set a romantic, relaxing atmosphere for the space.

* If you want your bedroom to be more cheery and definitely more inviting, go with a spring colored set, such as bright whites and yellows.

* Choose comforter sets that are floral patterned if you want a soft romantic look that is ideal for both men and women. Use color to help define a man and woman's room as opposed to just a woman's space.

* Choose plush linens for added comfort and a more relaxing feel.

* Get a larger size for more snuggling room. For example, a king size comforter on a queen size bed gives you more material for added comfort.

Remember that a new comforter really can change the look of your bedroom. If your space is boring or just needs some updating, this is the ideal way to do just that.

Ben Weissman writes about using Comforter Sets and Organic Bedding to Decorate your Bedroom Furniture Beautifully. Make your Home a Personal Retreat.

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