Why Dragons Are Made of Different Materials

Scholars have discovered dragon tales going back at least six thousand years and from all over the earth with the exception of Antarctica. Dragon collectibles are a very popular present for animal lovers, gamers, Gothic folks, and fantasy collectors alike. No matter which culture the dragon comes from, it is always presented as a symbol of strength, power, and force. Now, dragon collectibles are divided into two categories--the benevolent, friendly metallic dragons and the malicious, vindictive chromatic dragons (as seen in Western legend). Although this does not cover all of the dragons we can come across on the market, it does depict the most common figurines. Let's take a look at each of these types, gold, silver, bronze, brass, and copper, each of which is noticeably different in physical appearance and nature:

1. Gold dragon statues--These dragons are commonly adorned with a large pair of smooth, gold horns that represent the creature's firm stance against evil. The size and detail of pieces often result in them being a bit pricey. The smaller ones can be made relatively quickly so they can be sold for less than they appear to be worth. Consequently, small dragon statues can be relatively inexpensive gifts that won't break the bank. However, they are detailed in their own right, don't underestimate their beauty and power.

2. Silver dragon sculptures--These dragons are incredibly susceptible in nature so the figurines are made in a same way; these winged beasts are committed to defending the innocent and helping the submissive break free. However, they should be handled with as much care as they give.

3. Bronze Dragons--These types of dragons have smooth, flat scales; webbed feet and a beaklike snout. Bronze dragons have an unbending sense of justice and are instinctually intolerant of unnecessary chaos. They have massive extended wings, two long horns and a long, red forked tongue. The scent of sulfur and smoke surrounds these red-hued, fire-breathing creatures whose palate is tuned to fresh blood. If you even encounter one in real life, take warning of the scent.

4. Brass Dragon statues--The adult brass dragon has brass-like scales that have a warm, burnished appearance and highly reflective of solar rays. They are quite beautiful and regal looking.

5. Copper Dragons--These dragons are irredeemable jokers and have gigantic muscles and ligaments, which are advantageous for climbing. Watch out for their cunning and strength.

A curio cabinet is a great place for all your fantasy figures and figures. If you want your presentation to be everlasting, you can paste your figures in place, using rubber cement (although this is not recommended). Dragon figures are a sincere and magnificent present for any one. Each figure is made in such a way that the dragon's actual inner self and manner come through its metallic skin, and all for a reasonably priced charge. So the next time you are trying to find a gift that symbolizes the ideals of strength, wisdom and ancient lore, consider a dragon figure as your next fantasy collectible.

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