Dragons: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

In practically every culture on this planet, you'll find myths of the mystical and magnificent fire-breathing creatures called dragons. People have numerous idea of why so many ethnicities incorporated such a long lasting belief in these science-fiction beasts; however, none can actually be validated. Some people propose that dragons have progressed from the dinosaurs. Some belief they are messengers of the gods. Some believe they are agents of the devil. No matter where people surmise they came from, the winged beast is always noble, intelligent, and cunning. Because of this, dragons and representations of themselves, for example in the form of dragon collectibles, have played an important part in legends and religions since pre-historic times as they denote strength and power and frequently appear in carvings or statues holding a ball, or pearl, symbolizing wisdom encapsulated.

Dragons play an important role in Chinese Astrology, signifying the fifth sign of the Chinese Zodiac and corresponding to the earth. Yet not all dragons are associated with this form of divination. When most people visualize dragons they generally think of fire breathing beasts, but at first dragons were mostly associated with water, despite some quickly relegating the role of dragons to long lost mythology. Therefore if you find you are seeking positive energy and power, place a dragon figure near a source of water in your home--even a fish bowl will work, dragon spirituality isn't picky. Also in modern times the media, including role playing games, video games, MMORPG, literature, and films, have produced quite a demand for dragon collectibles.

Referring back to the statement about dragons' association with water, we know that water is a motif of great knowledge and change so in turn, dragon statues make favored and heart-felt gifts for college students and recent graduates. Throughout cultures, dragons have also stood for strong, male figures, patriarchal in a sense, so it follows that such a statue given to a father can strengthen the man's dominance and influence within the household, especially when positioned in the Northwest corner of the habitat (per Feng Shui guidelines). Many people love to place dragon figurines and many other miniatures and fantasy sculptures in their home just as a way to bring renewed life and positive flows of energy. I have heard numerous testimonials to their effectiveness and have experienced it myself. Dragons have always been considered symbols of wisdom and peace, or symbols of chaos and evil depending upon who you speak with.

While it is not necessary, it is an excellent idea to "activate" a dragon statue by placing it in the East sector of your home or living room to bring good health and synchronicity to the inhabitants of your home. In Europe, dragons in art forms were thought to be real life animals rather than symbols of evil. Whereas in the West, dragons are often seen as evil, in which the media plays no small part in fortifying. No matter their nature, dragons have and will also play a huge role in our history.

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