Seen One Dragon You Haven't Seen 'Em All

If I were to talk about a dragon, describe the creature you'd picture I was referring to. Does the dragon you're thinking of have four legs and a body or is it more elongated and smooth like a snake? Do you think of it is hovering on the edge of a building protecting the city or soaring at fantastic heights watching everything below? Is the dragon friendly or do you want to be very careful around it? Is it bigger than your house or can it fit in your pocket?

The dragon I usually visualize is the Western kind, you know the one. Large, scaly, two legs, two arms, huge tail, razor sharp teeth, wings, and fire-breathing. From where I am sitting, I can see four different dragon sculptures depicting this style of dragon.

In the other room, I have a Chinese dragon. Based on Chinese lore, these dragons are created from the pieces of nine different animals: the head of a camel, antlers of a deer, body of a snake, talons of an eagle, soles of a tiger, 117 scales of a carp, and eyes of a demon. While this creature sounds difficult to picture, take a long at one online or from other source and you will see that it is indeed familiar, you just may have never noticed all the details.

This is just a small list of the choices of dragons you can see. Some dragons look more like snakes. Of course, you have the types with four legs that walk like the dinosaurs. Based on the legends in the East, the amount of claws that a dragon has tells its rank of sorts, or its native homeland and migration. Even though it is not uncommon for a dragon to not have wings, this does not prevent them from being able to fly.

There are also a lot of differences in the texture of dragon skin, no matter what is on top, beneath is all muscle. While some dragons have a tough leathery-type covering of skin, most actually have scales that serve as their armor. The color differs, too. In this room alone, I see a red dragon, a blue one, a gold one, and a purple one. Still others can camouflage themselves in order to go into hiding from enemies or sneak up on prey. Some can even shape shift. The dragon is well equipped for hiding and attacking.

Why are there so many different forms of dragons? The foremost difference is based in culture and legend and lore, which encompass species differences. Some of the distinctive dragon races are Wyvern, Guivre, Hydra, Drake, Chimera, and Gryphon. And every one has a different personality from companion to antagonist.

If you really pay attention, you can discover dragons of all sorts all around you. A number of these animals live on rooftops or in the waters. Many live in caves or castles. Others are a part of in role playing games, video games, movies, storybooks, and imagination. Are there dragons around you?

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