Your Neighbors May Be Your Feng Shui Problem

When people think about solving their problems using Feng Shui most of the time they think about how the inside of the home is arranged, when is fact what is happening outside the home could be the culprit.

The energy from your neighbors' homes, the cars on the street and the lay of the land could be taking your money, relationships and health.

Your home is where you come to relax and to enjoy yourself. When your home is not properly balanced, you may experience troubles with money, health, and love. In the practice of Feng Shui, you can begin to adjust the energy of your home, helping to make these parts of your life more prosperous and more effective. Here are some basic Feng Shui tips you need to employ.

The Outside Matters Too

Many people don't think of the outside of the home as being a place that needs to be changed when it comes to Feng Shui. Too often, books and websites focus solely on the interior of the home. But the exterior of the home is the first area where energy can either enter or be blocked, thus this part of the home needs special attention. By spending time on developing the outside of the home, you can begin to see changes on the inside as well.

It all begins by creating space for the energy to enter your home. Your front door should open easily and it should be easily viewed from the street. Whenever you can, make sure to keep this door open to promote the flow of energy in your house.

Your front entrance is where the energy enters your home. If your neighbors are always arguing or you have a lot of "sha" energy (hard energy) from cars because you live on a busy street this is the energy that is coming into your home. The goal is to change or transmute this energy before it enters your home.

Protecting Your Home and Family

Sometimes, there is little you can do about the surroundings of your home - especially a busy and noisy street or loud neighbors. In order to help energetically protect your home from these disruptions, you might want to add some statuary to your yard. Feng Shui practitioners like to use Buddhas for their calming influence, but angels or dragons can work just as well. Find symbols of protection to place around your yard and your energy will be defended.

Elements to Use

Feng Shui also believes that balancing the elements of your home is important to energy restoration. Try to find ways to include water, fire, earth, metal, and wood in your landscaping. This way, you will be able to balance the energies outside and then bring these balanced energies inside your body as well.

Your home is the place where you should feel relaxed and at ease with your life. The energy should not promote struggles that are not there. With Feng Shui, you can make sure your energy flows.

Candace Czarny, ASID, CFM, LEED AP, "Award Winning" Interior Designer, Feng Shui ( Expert & Author of 20 Minute Feng Shui is continually ranked "Top 10" in Google and Yahoo. Clients testify of dramatic results!

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