Crystal Singing Bowls Can Harmonize Your Body and Mind

Singing Bowls are an ancient tool for meditation, which has become increasingly popular in recent years.

In ancient times, such bowls were made of metal. Now we also have crystal singing bowls. The healing power of rock-crystal bowls is particularly notable. It is believed that rock crystal accumulates clean solar energy, which can harmonize the entire body by passing a flow of fresh energy through its cells. This energy flow affects all body organs, and especially those that are "related" to the sun: heart, plexus, back and eyes.

Crystal Singing Bowls have a unique sound, which is different from the Tibetan bowls made of metal. Depending on the size and thickness of the crystal bowl, it will make different notes. Crystal bowls are renowned worldwide for their powerful resonance and ability to tune the energy of the body at optimal frequencies.

The fact is that every cell in the body produces vibrations, and our bodies respond to other sound vibrations readily. Sound is energy, and our bodies are an interweaving of energies. The energy of sound always affects our bodies. We use sound to communicate and express our feelings and thoughts. Sound acts on the nervous system and creates vibrations in the entire body. This effect has been known for thousands of years, and ancient people often used singing and music for healing.

Theoretically, everything in the universe is in a state of vibration, including people. Modern physics has determined that the universe is composed of small particles, which are in constant motion. This continuous activity creates certain vibrations that can be measured. The human body also creates certain vibrations. Like all things in the universe, singing bowls also have their own unique vibration - it depends on their size, shape, materials and production technology. Contemporary research in physics suggests that different parts of the body resonate with different tones (notes) from singing bowls.

The powerful vibration of singing bowls can pass through the body (it is easy to do for sound, as a human body is 60-80% water) and massage each cell delicately. The human body vibrates at different wavelengths, where each body part has its own frequency. Moreover, healthy organs are well-tuned, while the ill ones are in a dissonant. Singing Bowls can restore the harmonic frequencies by adjusting and stimulating the ill organs and the rest of the body. Furthermore, the sound of crystal singing bowls can restore the nervous system. Healers of antiquity also knew about the impact of music and sound on the chakras, and used it for centuries in the practice of nada yoga.

Today, you can find CDs with recorded music of crystal bowls, as well as books that provide information on how to work with each track. The sound of these bowls is enchanting, healing, soothing, clear, and airy. These magical vibrations penetrate deeply into the body, making it "plunge" into the world of the pure crystal. The clear and rich sound of these bowls make the listener feel "weightless" and "light". Crystal singing bowls make great energy-rich music for relaxation and healing. These and similar techniques are often used in feng shui.

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