Dip Into the Energy of the Feng Shui Metal Element

The feng shui metal element is considered to be one of the most powerful and creative elements in this ancient science.

This material started to come into widespread use ever since the dawn of metallurgy in 6000 BC. About 2000 years later, feng shui (the teachings of how to live in harmony with nature) started to emerge in Neolithic China.

There are five main elements of nature recognized by this ancient teaching - metal, wood, fire, earth and water, and we can make each of them work for us. Metal is the fifth and the most majestic element. To understand the intangible essence of metal, let's turn to feng shui and see what it says about the energy properties of this material.

The feng shui metal element is associated with the evening and late autumn. It's responsible for our physical well-being, strength, and analytical abilities. It's the symbol of wealth, success, and leadership. If there's too little metal in anyone's room, they may start feeling cautious and quiet. Some types of metal include: steel, iron, aluminum, gold, and silver. You can use any of these to balance your home and life.

It became fashionable to decorate furniture with wrought iron back in the Gothic era. Forged metal is also very popular today, as it can help create a bright and original interior in any room. Skilled craftsmen can make some truly incredible items for your home, which will have the illusion of flexibility. According to the ideas of the Chinese philosopher Lao-Tzu, the unbeatable flexibility of this material gives you unlimited possibilities.

The feng shui metal element is believed to enhance entrepreneurship. For instance, using a chair made of this material in your home office can help you become more active. You can also introduce metal in the wealth area of your home (the southeastern part), such as in the form of Chinese coins tied with a red ribbon.

How to add metal the creative way? You can have a beautiful wrought staircase leading to the second floor of your home. You can use it for fences and lattice gates. You can find modern or old metal beds, rocking chairs, original hangers, mirror frames, chandeliers, lamps, wood trays, holders for bottles, and many other accessories. Both indoor and outdoor metal products can help to smooth out the rough corners of any furniture, as well as walls and windows. In the garden, you can use metal furniture (benches, pergolas), jugs, vases, and landscape sculpture.

The designs can be semicircular, circular, oval, arched, and so on. Try to select these objects based on your personal preference. If the items appeal to their owner, then they will surely bring good luck.

Recently, more and more people started to design their homes and offices in accordance with the recommendations of feng shui. Many people also refuse to use artificial materials, and give preference to natural materials. Metal products combine fabulous elegance and unwavering strength. When we admire the processed metal, we dip into the positive energy of the feng shui metal element.

James Brickman runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about the feng shui metal element.

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