Feng Shui Cures For Health and Energy Purification

When it comes to feng shui cures, the choice of options is tremendous. Some people call anything for improving feng shui - a cure.

We'll talk about the real cures, which can help you achieve a more balanced state of both - body and mind. In this article, we will discuss indoor fountains, salt water, and plants.

Fountains are our favorite. The fact is that water, and especially water that rises up and then falls down, represents the source of life itself. Home fountains create a sound that cannot be compared to anything else. It's truly soothing, calming, and relaxing.

After having a fountain in your home or office for a few days, you may feel like a new person. It's like being in nature and listening to the gentle murmur of a brook. The fountains will also add moisture to the air in your rooms, which is great for dry air (most indoor premises are too dry). The only place we advise not to place a fountain is in your bedroom, simply because it may start to bother you when sleeping.

Salt water cure is native to feng shui. It's a very specific item, and we need to note that not everyone will want to have this item in their home. However, many people do, so we will cover it also. Salt water is a capturer of the bad energy in your home or office. This purifier can be easily made with your own hands - all you need is a regular glass (such as a pilsner glass), some salt (table or rock), and 6 Chinese coins. Fill about 3/4 of a glass with salt, arrange the coins on top of the salt in the form of a circle, and fill the glass with tap water to its rim. Place the glass on a mat in the zone of your home that you want to boost or purify.

For some people it will be the wealth zone, for others it may be love, health, career zone, etc. Within some time, the salt will start to form crystals, which means that it's capturing the negative energy. The glass needs to be replaced once a year or more often if the salt crystals build up faster.

Why do we say that not everyone will want salt feng shui cures in their home? Because these glasses should not be touched or knocked over, as well as psychologically it may be unpleasant to know that you have a glass of "bad energy" standing somewhere in your home. Finally, what if a pet or children knock it over?

Plants are feng shui cures that we will discuss in this article last. Probably everyone knows the healing power of plants. However, the Chinese give them a specific role, even weightier than many other cultures. The plants don't just purify the air indoors; they also help to promote the circulation of positive energy.

Feng shui advises to use plants with round leaves, which are also known to be a wealth booster. The plants can be placed anywhere in your home, even in the bathroom to help eliminate bad energy and promote good energy.

James Brickman runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui cures.

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