Ba Chai and the Eight Mansions
Ba Chai (Eight Mansions, 8 Houses) is a subtype of the Compass school of feng shui. Other schools include: the Landscape school (Ti Li), School of Bagua, and South school.
By James Brickman
Feng Shui Cures For Health and Energy Purification
When it comes to feng shui cures, the choice of options is tremendous. Some people call anything for improving feng shui - a cure. We'll talk about the real cures, which can help you achieve a more balanced state of both - body and mind.
By Jakob Jelling
Feng Shui Bamboo Aka Dracaena Sanderiana
The feng shui bamboo (aka Dracaena Lucky Bamboo or Dracaena Sanderiana) is a plant that can be bought in flower shops. This plant is not real bamboo, but it does look similar. It has green springs that are coiled at the top, and...
By James Brickman
Feng Shui Bedroom Design and Decorating Ideas
The feng shui bedroom is one of the most important rooms in the house. The bedroom is the place where you sleep, and it's also a love nest. This nest should be warm, cozy and peaceful, or else love may not want to live there.
By James Brickman
Feng Shui Business Tips That Can Bring Success
The feng shui business tips can help you bring your company to the next level. There are a number of details that can be tweaked to bring prosperity and good luck to any one company using simple feng shui advice.
By James Brickman
Feng Shui Decor With a Ying and Yang Balance
People use feng shui decor suggestions to improve the energy in their homes and offices. The goal is to increase the flow of the positive energy and to eliminate or suppress the negative energy.
By James Brickman
Why Dragons Are Made of Different Materials
Scholars have discovered dragon tales going back at least six thousand years and from all over the earth with the exception of Antarctica. Dragon collectibles are a very popular present for animal lovers, gamers, Gothic folks, and fantasy...
By Jeff Bronson
Dragons: The Gift That Keeps on Giving
In practically every culture on this planet, you'll find myths of the mystical and magnificent fire-breathing creatures called dragons. People have numerous idea of why so many ethnicities incorporated such a long lasting belief in these science...
By Jeff Bronson
Seen One Dragon You Haven't Seen 'Em All
If I were to talk about a dragon, describe the creature you'd picture I was referring to. Does the dragon you're thinking of have four legs and a body or is it more elongated and smooth like a snake? Do you think of it is hovering on the edge of...
By Jeff Bronson
Bring a Dragon Home
Never underestimate the power of dragon collectibles. They come in every shape and size and can be used for a multitude of purposes. Even better, dragon collectibles make ideal gifts for animal lovers, Goth folks, gamers, science-fiction loves...
By Jeff Bronson
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