Platform Beds and Feng Shui
Platform beds are those that lack a traditional box spring. They have clean lines and are very inviting. A mattress sits on top of a wooden or other type of frame, allowing for an open area under the platform or adding to the storage of the space.
By Ben Weissman
The Magical Chinese Unicorn Chi Lin
In Chinese mythology Chi Lin (Qilin, Qi Lin) is a magic animal - the most important one of all that live on land. According to legends, it is one of 9 sons of a dragon, which can distinguish between good and evil.
By James Brickman
The Magic Square Lo Shu
According to ancient Chinese legend, the numbers of the Lo Shu square were on the shell of a huge turtle that appeared from the river Lo. One wise man noticed the turtle and memorized the numbers on its shell.
By James Brickman
The Legends of Kind Lucky Cats
Lucky cats ("Maneki Neko" - literally translates from Japanese as the "Beckoning Cat") are porcelain or ceramic figurines of cats with a raised paw. In Japan, these figures are exhibited in front of shops, restaurants and businesses. According to...
By James Brickman
Using Feng Shui Coins to Make Wealth Amulets
Feng shui coins are ancient Chinese coins with hieroglyphs and a square hole in the middle. The coins are usually made of bronze. They are used in odd numbers...
By James Brickman
Using the Essential Feng Shui Water Element For Homes
We will begin our tale about the feng shui water element with a short prelude. Feng shui has gained its popularity all over the world, and its positive influence has spread far beyond the Asian countries.
By James Brickman
Using Feng Shui Mirrors the Proper Way
Feng shui mirrors are a special object, which should be used with caution. Let's take a look at the properties of mirrors: they reflect, attract, create the illusion of an extended space, complement the space visually, and redistribute the Qi...
By James Brickman
The Three Star Gods Fuk Luk Sau
Fuk Luk Sau - the Three Star Gods. These wise old men symbolize hearth and home, protect the family, and bring happiness, health, longevity, peace, security, luck, wealth, and prosperity into a home.
By James Brickman
The Five Feng Shui Elements and Their Interaction
The five feng shui elements (also referred to as keys) are the basis of this teaching. These primary keys are: earth, metal, water, wood and fire. The golden rule of feng shui is to...
By James Brickman
The Eight Immortals of the Taoist Pantheon of Gods
The Eight Immortals (Ba xian) are eight saints of the Taoist pantheon of Gods, who are painted in many temples, public places, and restaurants. They are typically depicted crossing the sea on a boat.
By James Brickman
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