Knowing the Different Types of Home Windows

Windows allow natural light to come inside our homes as well as provide us the ventilation to enhance the circulation of air inside our rooms. Aside from that, they can also add aesthetic values while enhancing the overall look of homes. Most of us do not know that there are actually different types of home windows being commercialized today. Each type can be chosen according to the design and functions in which your house is made. However, it is typical now that most of the windows are paned or made up of glasses but their base can still be enhanced by window painting or home window tinting.

The following are by far the most familiar windows that can be found especially on most homes in Europe and the Western world:

1. Awning windows. These types of windows can be pushed upward and downward so they are good choice for bedrooms and other rooms of the house that require privacy. Although they seem to shut tight once they are closed, they can let in light and breeze by opening them slightly to allow ventilation. The advantage of using awning windows is that they can be installed anywhere in the house such as near to other windows or installed near patio doors.

2. Casement windows. These are best installed on hard to reach areas or the kitchen area where other appliances or the sink are located because they can be cranked open and can be easily handled. Since they are tightly sealed when closed they can cost you lots of savings with your utility bills during winter. However, as these windows grow old, their casing hinges and hardware become brittle and less efficient so you may need to replace them after years of using.

3. Double hung windows. These are probably the type of windows that have unique styles. They can provide great access because they can be opened wide so they are great windows in terms of providing ventilation. The perfect place for this type of windows is on the kids' room because the top part can be opened while the lower part can remain closed so they can serve as protection for kids who love to climb on windows.

There are also the louvered windows which are better installed in the kitchen because of their ideal cooling system, the hopper windows for basements, and the bay windows which are great for beautifying the overall outlook of the house because of their unique style and design. Choosing the type of windows for your home can depend on many factors such as the security they must provide, the design that it must complement with the general features of the house, how its function can best serve their purpose, and the privacy they can provide. If you can find all of these qualities and features in a window, then you have found the right value for money windows for your greatest convenience. The best advice there is would be to simply take time to shop for windows and never rush in making choices.

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