Tints on Windows- How to Remove It

Window tinting is necessary because it can serve homeowners with many benefits such as increasing the level of privacy in their homes and creating a room environment that is away from getting excessive heating. However, because of the effect of sun's rays and damages caused by us, we sometimes need to change the tint coating of our windows and place another coating so that we can have again the same benefits. In this manner, we should know how to remove the tint that need to be replaced. The question is, should we look for professionals to remove the existing tint on the windows, or we can do it without the need of professional help? Actually, anyone can do away the tint by just following the directions below.

The first thing that you should consider before proceeding to the remove the tint is try to analyze first if you really need to remove or change the coating. If the tint on your windows only has minor scratches and you think that the adhesive surface is only the affected parts they you just have to reapply adhesive so that your tint will look brand new again. However, if there are really bad scratches, fading tint and brittle filament start to show up then it is the time you need to change it.

Removing the tint especially the old films is fairly simple. First, you have to have the proper tools for the job so you need to have straight ammonia, hair dryers, window cleaners, plastic bags, tarps, and paper towels. Removing the tint goes this way:

1. Cover all items that are near the windows including the wood base of the windows. You can use newspapers or paper towels in covering.

2. Spray ammonia to where the tint is glued.

3. Cover the sprayed area with plastic bag and leave it for about one hour or even more hours. This is to let the ammonia settle into the tint and make the tint softer with the help of the heat of the sun.

4. If there is no heat to soften the tint you can use hair dryer until you see that the tint becomes bloated, soft and getting peeled.

5. Start peeling off the tint from one end towards the centre. Sometimes the filament may not come off so easy so you have to use thin razor blades to slightly scrape hard to peel filament.

6. When you have peeled off some of the tint but noticed that there are still leftovers that are hard to peel, spray those areas again with ammonia, cover it and then leave it again for an hour. Repeat the process of peeling.

7. Considering that all the filaments have been removed, it is now time to clean up your home windows by using water and detergents and soft cloth in wiping residue. Wipe the windows with a paper towel and let them dry. When the windows are completely dry, you can now apply the new tint.

Some people prepare to call the assistance of professionals when it comes to applying the new tint coating but if you want to learn how to apply it yourself then better check the internet for further instructions or ask the vendors about the application and read the labels in the packaging for complete information about the use of tint.

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