Un-Stick a Stuck Door Like a Pro

Doors can stick for a variety of reasons that are usually easy to fix. Whether a door is stuck because of faulty hinges, humidity or dirt and grime, some simple steps and household supplies will get it open and swinging freely in no time. Try the easy solutions below for un-sticking a stuck door like a pro.


Candles are not only good for romantic lighting, they are handy for un-sticking stuck sliding glass doors. Long, white taper candles work the best for the job as they are easy to find, relatively inexpensive and leave little residue anywhere except the track. Using an unlit candle, rub the wax along the sliding ridges of the door frame. Apply a generous coating and then slide the door open and closed a few times. If it still does not slide easily, rub more wax along the tracks.

Baking Spray

Non-stick baking spray comes in handy for more than keeping scrambled eggs from sticking to a fry pan. Spray a thin coat of cooking spray on stuck hinges and sliding door tracks. Be careful not to get any oil spray on the floor as it may stain carpets or hardwood surfaces.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a great, all-around un-sticking agent. Its oily nature makes it a natural lubricant for stuck doors. Apply a thin coating to door hinges and tracks to make them open with ease. Petroleum jelly can stain if applied to wood surfaces, so take care with door frames and nearby wooden floors.

Wash the Door

Simply giving the door a good washing with warm, soapy water may be the only effort needed for un-sticking a stuck door. Pay careful attention to the edges of the door that touch the door frame. Dirt and grime may have collected along the edges making it difficult to open and shut the door completely. Wipe down the inside of the door frame, as well. Sometimes grime on the door frame is the cause of the stuck door.


Try adjusting the door's hinges if none of the other options work. Oil them first and see if that causes the door to open and close more smoothly. Over the course of time, most hinge screws loosen naturally from the weight and force of the door's movement. Try tightening the screws to see if that will help with un-sticking the door.

Remember that a door should be level and even with the door frame. If it is hung too tight, it tends to stick higher up on the frame. If the door hinges have become too loose, the door tends to stick lower on the frame. Sometimes simply oiling the hinges will be all that is needed to un-stick the door.

Experiment with the different methods of un-sticking a door to find the remedy that will work best for the door and home in question. Begin by washing the door and then delve into the different lubricant options. Adjusting the hinges will typically be a last resort option, but if obvious loosening or tightening has occurred it is fine to begin there. Sliding doors usually just require a good lubricant on the tracks and a check to make sure that the door rollers are on the tracks. Un-sticking a stuck door like a pro takes just a bit of time and some common household materials.

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