Making Windows Modern Without Blocking the Light

When selecting window treatments for a room, there is often a desire to create a modern look, but still provide the ability to let in plenty of light. The most popular options include those which are easily adjustable, so that you can let in the light when you want to, or minimize the light and create privacy in the room when desired.

Sheers and Curtains

Sheer panels combined with lightweight curtains can be a good choice for windows, especially when they are combined with adjustable blinds or mini blinds, which can be used whenever there is a desire to block out the light or at night. Sheers and curtains in light colors have a very airy look that can accentuate a room. They are also not as heavy and overpowering in design as heavier treatments such as drapes. Lightweight curtains and sheers always look fresh and inviting, and never seem to go out of style.

Using Shades to Create a Modern Look

There are many different types of shades available, in addition to the older style of roller shades. Varieties such as Roman, pleated, bamboo, or honeycomb shades are all good choices for creating a modern look. One of the advantages of shades is that they can be raised and lowered to let in as much light as desired. Pleated shades with a "top down" feature can be a great way of letting light into the room through the top portions of the windows. Honeycomb shades have the added advantage of adding some insulating properties to your windows, due to the way they are constructed. Shades can have a very modern look, whether they are used alone as the sole window treatment, or combined with curtains or window toppers.

Varieties of Blinds

There are also various types of blinds which can be good choices as window treatments. Mini blinds in many different materials have always been popular. To let in the optimum amount of light, choose white or off-white mini blinds, combined with a curtain topper for added visual interest. Blinds are very handy for controlling the amount of light in a room, as they can be raised completely to let in all the light, or lowered to whatever level desired. The slats can also be adjusted to filter just the right amount of light, which can also provide privacy when desired. Blinds also come in larger slats, including two inch slat varieties in plastic, metal, faux wood, or real wood finishes. These attractive blinds add a lot of style to a room, and can create a very modern and sophisticated look. Wood blinds in particular can also add some insulation to the windows. Vertical blinds are also a popular choice, which are great for allowing the maximum amount of light into a room, as they can be pulled vertically to one side of the window, exposing almost the entire window from top to bottom. Because much of the light comes in through the top portions of a window, vertical blinds can often provide better lighting in a room than other types of window treatments.

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