Adding a Bold Pop of Color to a Front Door

Front doors are usually the focal point of the home's exterior. They add character and personality to a home. The front door is also associated with many Feng Shui theories and, thus, an important part of the home's decor. Adding a bold pop of color to a front door intensified the focal point and draws the eye toward the home.


Adding new hardware to a front door is an easy way to add a bold pop of color. Shiny silver or bright brass adds a punch of contrast against an otherwise monochromatic surface. New locks, a door handle and new house numbers can all impact the curb appeal of the home. Choose a hardware finish that will work well with the existing metal surfaces or one that pulls in elements from other areas of the exterior. Although it may be costly to add new hardware, it is relatively easy to install and comes in a variety of colors and styles.


Door accessories are the most inexpensive and versatile way to add color to a front door. Wreaths are the typical door accessory and come in more styles and colors than can possibly be counted. Change the door wreath for each season or with every approaching holiday or celebration. A bold red berry wreath in the shape of a heart would be ideal for Valentine's Day, whereas, a twigs and forsythia wreath in bright yellow would be very much in tune with spring. If a wreath cannot be found to match the style or shape of the front door, consider making one. Craft supply stores often have empty wreaths that can be decorated with any number of colors and flowers.

Hanging metal or wood door signs are also easy ways to add a bold pop of color to a front door. Found in all shapes, sized and themes, door signs are a great way to bring color to the space and create a focal point. Most signs can be found at craft stores and home decorating shops.


For the homeowner who wants a more striking pop of color, consider accent painting the front door. This is an especially easy trick for doors with raised panels. By painting the raised panel, or sides of the raised panel, a contrasting color, the color pops and is an instant focal point for the front of the house. Painting a bold colored design on the front door is also an option. For example, some homeowners may elect to paint their house numbers on their front door in a bright color that compliments the rest of the exterior, but is vastly different from the door color itself. Be creative with painting and experiment with stenciling and lettering, if desired.

Adding a bold pop of color to a front door is an exciting way to draw attention to the house. It can create a welcoming feel and make guests eager to enter the home. A bright, bold color can also draw the eye away from other areas of the exterior that may need work or improvement. Start with the cheapest method first and move up to the more permanent options, if need be. Adding a bold pop of color is a dramatic move, but one that can alter the curb appeal of a home.

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