Matching Blinds to Rooms

Matching your window blind to your room is not as difficult as it seems. On the other hand, getting it wrong can mean an absolute design disaster. Think of those awful doctors' surgeries and dentist waiting rooms that you've been in over the years. These places are renowned for having ridiculously bad design knowledge. And their most obvious crime? Having poorly fitted and embarrassing looking blinds on their windows.

You can avoid this. We're going to focus mainly on two types of blind in this article, and we're going to show you how to make sure that the blind you choose complements, rather than spoils, the living space that it is in.

First of all, if you have a space that is rustic in nature, such as a kitchen that is leaning towards the country house feel, then whatever you do don't make the design suicide choice of having plastic Venetian blinds. The slats look awful when closed or open, and the feel will totally ruin your space. People do this and suffer ridicule, so avoid this step at all costs. Instead, go for the faux wooden designs that are out there. There are some wonderful pieces to be found, and a nice wooden Venetian blind will lend a pleasingly rustic feel to your living space. These are particularly effective in kitchens that are meant to be 'farmhouse kitchen' in style.

One area of design that really benefits from blinds in general is the Asian or minimalist design. Blinds, by their very nature, are not as obtrusive as other window coverings, so for a minimalist room they are ideal. If you have an Asian theme in your space, then a simple roller blind can work wonders. You can buy some great examples of these in rice paper. Venetian blinds are also made in bamboo, which lends itself well to the Asian feel.

For that minimalist feel, a nice and simple roller blind with perhaps a discrete pattern will make a clear design statement for your home. When shopping for this kind of room, it is probably best to go to the roller blind section first. These blinds are the least obtrusive, and you can usually find what you want with this style.

For those who like the Italian Neo Modern look, you will find wooden Venetians a particularly pleasing addition. Whether they are wooden or plastic, the sleek modernity of the blind will complement the overall look of the room.

As with most design statements, choose your colours wisely. Never opt for a strong colour in a roller blind, for example, if you don't feel confident the rest of the room can accommodate it. And when it comes to Venetian blinds, the effect of a number of slats that are just garish is quite unnerving, from a design standpoint.

Venetian and roller blinds are not expensive, and they can transform any room. Just be sympathetic to the space itself. Remember that it is easier to change a blind than it is a sofa. So put your mainstay furnishings first and the rest should fall happily into place.

Dave Matthews is a freelance copywriter. He writes articles for a range of interests, causes and businesses - in this case, selecting the right blinds (such as blackout blinds - for your home.

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