Double Glazing: A Must Have or a Mustn't Have?

Ideally, our homes should provide us the warmth we need during the harsh cold weather. This also applies to sizzling hot conditions where we need cool air for comfort. We want a cozy home devoid of the monetary expenses related to the said luxury. In reality, we are far from that idea since a large fraction of our money goes down the drain due to inadequate insulation of windows. Fortunately, the miracle of double-glazing comes in handy not only to our pockets but also for the environment.

Since double-glazing is said to be essential for homes, learning its pros and cons will help us understand it better. Here are some criteria and concerns to consider before deciding to have double-glazing.

Comfort. The most basic purpose of a house is to provide shelter along with comfort. Double-glazing provides better insulation of homes. As a result, lesser heat and air is allowed to pass through windows or walls in and out. This is especially good during winter seasons. The heat trapped in the gaps of double glazed houses provides warmth to the whole area.

Since double-glazing uses sunlight to warm the house, it can also be troublesome during hot seasons. Whenever double-glazed windows unable to keep sunlight from entering, the house becomes too hot and stuffy making it uncomfortable. This only depends upon the kind of glass used. Tinted glasses or Low-E glasses are more efficient to use but rather pricey. Otherwise, you can just opt for good ventilation.

Double-glazing is also prevents noise pollution. It keeps noise from entering the building allowing a quieter place to rest. You can avoid distractions from the loud sounds outside your home.

Security. A safe and secured home is extremely important for a family especially with children. Double-glazing can actually become a part of your home security system. Since it is double layered, thieves and robbers will have a hard time breaking in your house. It is also almost invulnerable to breakage. So, it reduces the risk of illegal entry even if burglars try to break the glass. Aside from that, it is safer for children because it can avoid accidents due to broken glasses.

However, the tough part about it is when you accidentally lock your self out of the house. In cases of emergencies when you need to break the windows, you will definitely have a hard time. Take necessary precautions for emergency situations if you really want to install double-glazed windows and walls.

Aesthetic Appeal. Since tinted glasses come in different colours, you may use it to you advantage for a more artistic allure. You can also vary its designs as long as the double-glaze installer permits it. However, old houses have difficulties in adapting to new styles. It would be harder to change the whole form of old houses so it may come as an ordinary glass house.

When choosing for styles and colour tints for your glasses, make sure it would definitely suit the whole look of the house. Rather than put your house into a mess, simply opt for the simple yet elegant glass house. Don't bother if it looks a little dull, you can decorate it with other things. Do not ruin the value of the house because of your unfounded artistic talents.

Cost-Effectiveness. A smart money spender always analyses the economical and practical value of the product or business he or she is going to engage in. You might wonder how much double-glazing actually costs. It might indeed cost a lot. You have to take account for the cost of the glass to be used -- tinted, coated or Low-E glass. Another thing is the size and number of windows to double glazed and ultimately the fee of the installer. These are included but not limited to your expenses.

However, double-glazing also guarantees effective ways of saving money. Sure, getting double glazed windows can be somewhat pricey but the long-term profits more than pays for it. It eventually reduces bills by cutting gas costs. You won't need to use gas anymore for your heating or cooling needs. Double-glazing also adds real estate value to your home. If you plan to sell you house, then you can solicit a higher price in relation to its double-glazing features.

Energy Conservation. Conserving energy may also equate to saving the Earth. Well, this may actually sound true to double-glazing. What is good about it is that it decreases the emission of carbon dioxide. This is due to the fact that we consequently use less fuel. In effect, there is lesser risk for global warning. Thus, double-glazing can be classified as environmental friendly.

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