Window Shutters Are Not Just For Outside

Most people who think about window treatments for inside their homes usually do not think of window shutters for that purpose. They generally think of curtains, drapes, shades or blinds for this type of thing. When thinking of privacy they generally are more apt to choose one of these options.

In reality, window shutters make a wonderful tool to help keep your home private, but they go beyond that. When used as window treatment they add a sense of elegance to whatever room they decide to install them in.

So if you are wanting to do something a little different and add some elegance along with some great privacy, you might want to consider installing shutters to the inside of your windows. Below you will find suggested items you will need to fulfill the project and a few simple steps on how to complete the installation of your window shutters.

The materials needed for this project could vary from shutter style to shutter style. The most common materials needed are the shutters of course, the shutter hardware, tape measure, saw or plane, screwdriver, drill, paint, stain or polyurethane needed if the shutters are unfinished.

There are two different ways you can choose from to install the window shutters. One way is to take the shutters and mount them on the inside of the frame. This is a much more time consuming and difficult way to install them. The other way is to mount them on the outside of the frames.

Since inside mounting is more difficult than outside mounting, below you will find the directions for the simpler way which would be the outside mount. Not only is the outside mount easier and a time saver, it also allows you to hang the shutters vertically or horizontally.

The very first thing you need to do is take the hanging strips that come with the shutters and attach them to each side of the window. After you have done that, begin to put the panels of the shutters together. You will take the face mount hinges that came with the shutters and begin attaching the shutters with these hinges. Make sure to look at the instructions that came with your shutters to make sure there are not any special instructions for those particular window shutters. Make sure spacers are put between all of the panels.

After the panels are attached, take the shutters and attach the hinges to each shutter. It is important that you pay close attention to the instructions that come with the shutters. This way you will know exactly how the hinges need to be spaced and attached. Now, go to the hanging strips and place hole marks for where the hinges will be hung. Take your drill and drill the holes for the screws for the hinges.

Now you are ready to actually hang the shutters to the already attached hanging strips. After this is done, you will be able to begin using your shutters.

It is important to note that if you bought unfinished shutters you should make sure to paint or stain them long before you decide to install them. If the shutters happen to have louvered panes, you will need to spray paint them and not use a brush.

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