7 Types of Window Blinds to Take Note Of

Window blinds can give you the privacy you need. They can also be used to protect you from the scorching heat of the sun. They can also keep you warm during cold days. These particular functions of window blinds make them a crucial consideration in every home.

In the past, window blinds are made of cloth. People living in the desert would usually soak these cloths in water to keep their places colder. But aside from this old version of the window blind, there are yet other types to consider.

What are These Various Types Then?

You may be familiar with Venetian blinds. These ones came from Persia and were brought to Paris and Venice. From here, other types of window blinds were introduced. The list includes:

1. Bamboo blinds. As the name suggests, these ones are made out of the bamboo material. These blinds are very popular in China and other Asian countries. The bamboo blinds are woven using other materials such as reeds, grasses and rattan. These are favoured because they are durable and are easy to install. They are eco-friendly too.

2. Roller blinds. These blinds are customisable to fit any type of window. They are famous not only in homes but in offices as well. They are made out of cotton and mesh fabrics. Some are made from polyester. Because of these choices, you can also opt for various colours for your roller blinds.

3. Bali blinds. These window blinds are highly favoured because they can block off light coming from the outside. They are also regarded as energy savers. They can act as insulators during the cold season. At the same time, they can act as heat reducers during summer.

4. Mini blinds. Just like bamboo blinds, these ones are durable and are easy to install. These are lower in cost when compared to other types of blinds. This makes them a practical choice for home window blind needs. These are commonly made of aluminium or PVC.

5. Wood blinds. If you're looking for crack-resistant blinds, then these are the best choices for you. Not only that; this can also make your place look cosier. These are usually made from hard wood but come in a variety of finishes. It can make the room warmer and more inviting.

6. Vertical blinds. There are a lot of great things that vertical blinds can offer. They are less likely to be damaged by strong winds when compared to other types of window blinds. They can act as an insulator and are also energy efficient. You can also get the motorised and automated versions for these blinds.

7. Vinyl blinds. Just like mini-blinds, vinyl blinds are cheaper than other window blind types. This trait makes them popular to end users. They are also moisture and water resistant. However, there is one problem with this type of window blinds. You can't use them for rooms with a variety of measurements. They often marketed at a standard size.

With the seven types of window blinds mentioned above, it will be easier for you to make a choice. Consider your budget and the size of the spot before you even pick a window blind from your service provider.

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