All About Security Doors and Windows
Keeping out intruders is a concern for every family. Securing windows and glass sliding doors are difficult to secure as compared to hinged doors as these types of doors can be secured by using proper latches and deadbolts. Although there is no...
By David Patullo
Knowing the Different Types of Home Windows
Windows allow natural light to come inside our homes as well as provide us the ventilation to enhance the circulation of air inside our rooms. Aside from that, they can also add aesthetic values while enhancing the overall look of homes.
By Mike Lister
Tints on Windows- How to Remove It
Window tinting is necessary because it can serve homeowners with many benefits such as increasing the level of privacy in their homes and creating a room environment that is away from getting excessive heating. However, because of the effect of...
By Mike Lister
Un-Stick a Stuck Door Like a Pro
Doors can stick for a variety of reasons that are usually easy to fix. Whether a door is stuck because of faulty hinges, humidity or dirt and grime, some simple steps and household supplies will get it open and swinging freely in no time.
By Jessica Ackerman
Making Windows Modern Without Blocking the Light
When selecting window treatments for a room, there is often a desire to create a modern look, but still provide the ability to let in plenty of light. The most popular options include those which are easily adjustable, so that you can let in...
By Alyssa Davis
Adding a Bold Pop of Color to a Front Door
Front doors are usually the focal point of the home's exterior. They add character and personality to a home. The front door is also...
By Jessica Ackerman
How to Paint a Window Like a Professional?
Painting a window seems like a relatively easy task, but for anyone who has accidentally painted a window shut, they know it is sometimes not as easy as it looks. There are tips and tricks to painting a window that will make the process run smoother.
By Jessica Ackerman
Replacing Sliding Doors With French Doors
Typically leading out to the patio or backyard, sliding doors or French doors allow plenty of sunlight in while giving you a private view and access to the outdoors. Sliding glass doors are simply designed and perform the basic functions but may...
By Alyssa Davis
Window Solutions That Manage Bright Afternoon Sun
Bright afternoon sun can be not only bothersome, but it can add unnecessary and unwanted heat to the home. It can also fade wall paper, fabric and other materials close to the window.
By Alyssa Davis
Which Doors Look Best in Your House?
Deciding which doors look best in your house can be a challenging proposition. With so many options and styles available, today's homeowners can quickly become overwhelmed.
By Alyssa Davis
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