DIY Metal Buildings Can Be Constructed When You Need More Room

Homeowners sometimes find that the longer they live somewhere the more stuff they seem to accumulate. Problem with that is generally they end up not having enough space to put everything, they out grow their homes. But before you think of moving to a larger place, you might want to consider one of the many DIY metal buildings there are available.

You probably think that this would be far too difficult to do on your own, but if you get one that is not too big, there should be no reason why you could not go a head and put the building together yourself. Of course it is in your best interest if you recruit some family and or friends to help you construct it.

The things that you will need to help you construct your building would be something to hoist or lift heavy objects, transit, a level, level rod, plumb bob, and carpentry tools. More than likely you will want to pour a concrete foundation for your building so you will need to get concrete mix and make sure that you follow their directions on how to mix it and to pour it.

Once you have measured out the area for the concrete and have cleared the area you can now pour the concrete where the building is going to be erected. The next thing you will do is to make sure you put in the anchor bolts and after that you can level out the concrete with a transit. Use a level to make sure you have smoothed it out evenly.

Next you will erect the DIY metal buildings columns and make sure you tighten them with the girts. Also make sure that tighten the anchor bolts. You will also need to set up some sort of temporary support to help keep the columns secure.

Go a head from here and attach the girts, eave struts and purlins. It is important that you check how level these are by either using a transit or plumb bob, make sure everything is level vertically as well as horizontal. Now you will tighten all the anchor bolts and the bolts that are called connecting bolts.

Now you will need to take the end building parts and assemble them. Make sure to only tighten these bolts at this time with your fingers so they are not on completely tight. Then you will need to raise them into position to where they will be connected to the primary building.

Now make sure to install load bracing rods both horizontal and diagonal before you do anything else. These must be anchored to the columns with eye bolts, washers and nuts. You will now take the rest of purlins, girts, and the struts and erect them. Anchor all of them with fasteners very loosely. Finally plumb and level everything again then go around and tighten everything that needs to be tightened.

The last things you should do is to install the roof and wall metal sheets. You should make sure that these overlap the outside ribs. You can then use a mastic tape or what is known as continuous tape sealer. Screw the sheeting in with the fasteners and washers that are specifically for the DIY metal buildings. You can insulate the walls and the roof if you so desire and you can add flashings and gutters.

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