Concrete Pavers Make Winter Safer!

Have you ever wondered how Garden Supply stores stay in business during the winter months? Well, you're probably not thinking outside of the garden! Get your head out of the sprinkler because concrete pavers have many applications that are useful throughout the year. Certainly, many people are aware how helpful these interlocking stones and bricks are in building patios, landscaping gardens, and making outdoor hardscapes during the Spring and Summer months. But what many people do not consider, however, is how useful they can be during the cold, blustery, snow-filled months of the year.

If you live in an area that gets lots of snow and ice, the odds are that you will be snowed in at least once this season. That means either missing work and important commitments or risking your icy walkways and driveways just to get to your car. Having a concrete paver walkway or driveway, however, can make winter safer for several reasons.

What you may not have realized is that concrete retains more heat than many other types of material. Dirt or gravel driveways and paths lose heat quickly, and they are sure to become slick with ice and snow as soon as the flakes start to fall, but not your concrete pavers. What's more, concrete paver paths can be prepared in advance. Pay attention to those winter weather storm advisories and if you know bad weather is coming, you can pre-salt your paths and driveways. This extra bit of preparation can make all the difference between a clear walk to the car and an accident waiting to happen on an icy slip-and-slide.

Even more exciting than their heat retention is the fact that concrete pavers can be heated. Yes, that's right, you can heat your walkway and/or driveway so it stays clear of ice and snow! With advances in technology and perhaps a little help in the installation department, you can put a heat system beneath any of your concrete surfaces, including patios, walkways, and driveways. Of course, you can also heat indoor concrete spaces as well. This could seriously increase the cozy factor on your indoor concrete patio. But the final winter advantage of concrete pavers, and some will say, the 'piece de resistance' is that they resist cracking because they are made up of many pieces and they flex with temperature changes. This alone will make for a more safe winter, as you will not have to navigate cracks in icy sidewalks on your way to your car. And you can rest assured that all of the work you've done adding these aesthetically appealing pathways to your home won't be destroyed with the temperature changes.

Winter is full of outdoor dangers- icy roads, bad drivers, slick bridges, snow drifts, tree limbs heavy with snow and waiting to fall, and freezing temperatures, just to name a few- but you don't have to live in total fear of the outdoors this winter! Taking steps to make your own outdoor spaces safer by using concrete pavers might just save you a few falls on the way to your car this winter!

MrMasonry will be staying warm and cozy in his home this winter but if he does venture out, he is fairly certain that his walkways will remain clear and ice free thanks to concrete pavers from General Shale Brick.

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