How to Clean Your House in a Hurry: 6 Tips

Cleaning your house may seem like an ominous task, but really it is not. If you have everything planned and ready you can get your house cleaned in minutes. The two evils that delay house cleaning are procrastination and fear of hard work. Don't let these two get you down! You don't need to spend hours and hours scrubbing the floors and walls. All you need are some time management and housecleaning tips.

Here are some tips for you to follow if you need your house cleaned in a hurry.

* Use a Timer:

An effective way to get motivated to start cleaning is to tell yourself it's for a set amount of time. Pull out your brooms, mops, and buckets and set your timer. Set a realistic time limit-maybe one or two hours. When you know that you will be free of your cleaning duties once the timer goes off, it will give you enough motivation to work hard for those few hours.

* Put on some music:

Get your player out and put on your favorite rock music! Rock-and -roll songs will get you on your feet and will draw you into fast cleaning. Sing and dance along as you dust off your tables. You will have a clean house in no time and will enjoy yourself too!

* Involve the others at home:

Get your other housemates, spouse, roommate, kids, whoever is around, to help you with the cleaning. If you have help you can get the house cleaning done in half the time. You can even turn it into a game to make it more fun. Divide the people into the different rooms and see who finished first! To make it interesting keep a small prize for the winner! Put on some music and get to work!

* Keep all cleaning materials in one place:

Pick a shelf in the cupboard or fill a bag with all your cleaning supplies. You can have a duster, window cleaner, wipes, mops, squeegee, furniture polish, feather duster, rags, and cleaning sprays. Don't waste all your time rummaging in your cupboard or searching round the house for your cleaning supplies. Having them all in one place will save you a lot of time.

* Use a big bag trash bag:

As you move around the house, cleaning, tote around a black plastic bag with you. Any wastebasket contents, floor sweepings, or leftover debris must go into the bag. Once the bag is full, dump it into your garbage bin outside the house for recycling.

* Move in a systematic manner:

Don't move around the house in circles. It may seem you're getting things done but you're actually just moving round and round, retracing your steps. Try and work your way from up to down and left to right. If you clean in a systematic manner like this you will done with a room in no time and can move onto another.

Housecleaning doesn't have to be a tedious and tiresome job. You can make it fun and do it quickly. You just need some motivation, a plan, and some cleaning supplies!

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