Cleaning Shaggy Rugs

There's just something about shaggy rug that screams decadence. Rugs like these hit a measure of popularity in the 1970s, and thankfully, that popularity has managed to hand on through this decade. Shaggy rugs are unique among many other choices. Their loose fibers make them a beautiful, one-of-a-kind purchase, but they also make owners a bit scared to clean them. Many who own shag rugs suggest that the only measures they take is to take them out in the yard and beat them a few times a year. Unfortunately, even this practice is concerning. As with any other type, shaggy rugs have to be cared for carefully in order to ensure they last for the years to come.
Maintaining Your Purchase

The first step in properly taking care of shag rugs is to make sure that they're maintained properly. This means you must clean them properly on a regular basis. It is possible to vacuum the rugs. In order to do so, however, you must make sure that your vacuum is not set on the lowest setting, but rather on one of the higher settings. This means the bristles should be as far away from the rug as possible. Exactly how high to set it depends on the fibers of your rug. It's best to use back and forth motions as you go across your rug. Ensure, however, you vacuum it once or twice a week in order to keep it free of debris.

Another trick is to actually sweep shaggy rugs to get them clean! After you've vacuumed your rug, take a stiff bristled broom to it. This will help you to get all of the dirt out of the very bottom of the rug and to get down into the pile of fabric. It's a great way to clean your rug, just make sure that you vacuum up any mess you make afterwards if you're sweeping the rugs inside.

And yes, you can also paddle shaggy rugs if they're not too large. Take them outside and put them over a sturdy clothesline. Then use a paddle or something that is equally strong, and you'll get a great deal of dirt out of them. This is something that you may want to do a few times a year, but keep in mind that you should definitely still vacuum your rugs regularly.


If you have to clean your shaggy rug, make sure that you rent a high quality shampoo machine at a local rental store. You can clean your rugs once every six months or so. If you're too nervous to shampoo your rug, it is a good idea to hire a professional service. There are many professional services in your local area that may specialize is rugs like yours. Simply look in the yellow pages under carpet cleaners, and you'll be able to find a service that can meet your needs. Make sure, before you hire them, that they also clean shaggy rugs as well as traditional rugs.

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