10 Kitchen Cleaning Tips For You

Cleaning up your kitchen (no it's not just about vacuuming the floor) can be a tricky job. With a lot of sensitive material there are some things you should take care of. Here is a list of 10 tips which would help you get your kitchen spanking clean, but in an easy and safe way.

1) Cleaning the stove can be a tricky job. Go through the manual carefully and disassemble few of the components. Soak them in hot water with a liquid detergent or a green lemon based degreaser. Most of the grime should come off and you would just need to rinse it after the water gets cold.

2) Cleaning the oven is also very simple. Spray it from the inside with a kitchen friendly degreaser, and use a scrub pad to remove the settled in food. Rinse lightly and wipe with a soft cloth.

3) The Dishwasher is the simplest to clean. Put in about two table spoonfuls of baking powder and sprinkle it evenly. Run a short cycle and let it dry in the open.

4) Cleaning out the microwave is a delicate job. Wipe it inside out with a soft cloth. The turntable can be taken out and cleaned in the dishwasher. It should be completely dry before it is put back in.

5) The Refrigerator should first be emptied of all its food and then wiped down first with a cloth and soapy water, and then with just plain water.

6) The counter tops should be cleared of everything and should be wiped down with disinfectants and then followed with warm soap water. To get rid of stubborn grease spots, vinegar and table salt can be used.

7) The kitchen floor is only cleaned once in a while, so whenever you do it make sure you mop it clean with soapy water and disinfectants. Reach out underneath the counters and appliances because a lot of dirt and germs collect in these nooks and corners.

8) The drawers and cabinets must be treated with care, use a volatile cleaner which would not hurt the wood of the cabinets, and little by little spray down the entire set of cupboards and drawers. Leave the drawers and doors open after you do this.

9) The electric chimney is an optional aspect. You could either get the maintenance professionals from the company to do these, or if you are very sure about it, attempt it yourself with the help of the manual. It is however most advisable to use professional help.

10) The kitchen sink needs to be cleaned every once in a while to make sure its lines are not clogged. Use a strong cleaner that reacts with water and sprinkle it down the drain, and lightly water it. Leave overnight and rinse thoroughly in the morning.

Apart from these, there are some basic things you should take care of. All electrical appliances must be unplugged before you start the cleaning procedure. After cleaning, the kitchen should be left airy and the food should be kept out of it for a cool down period to allow the chemicals and fumes to completely evaporate.

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