Window Blinds: How to Clean and Maintain Them

Window blinds are an essential and decorative part of any home or office. But if they're not maintained or cleaned regularly, they can attract dust and bacteria. This, in turn, can cause many allergies and even illnesses amongst your employees or family members.

To keep your home or office free from dust allergens and bacteria from window blinds, make sure that you clean and disinfect them properly. Although blinds are easier to clean than curtains, you might still have a slightly difficult time with extremely dirty blinds. Follow the steps below to help you get your window blinds clean and dust-free.

1. Brush or scrub off dust from moderately dirty window blinds. This can be done in between general cleaning to maintain your window blinds. There is no need to take down your blinds--all you have to do is remove dust from the slats with a moist cloth. You can also try vacuuming the blinds first to get rid of any loose particles of dust. If you have wood blinds, you should be careful not to moisten the wooden slats too much as this could warp or damage the wood.

2. Wipe down dirt from aluminum blinds with gentle soap and water. If you've had aluminum blinds installed in your home or office, then you're in luck. These are the easiest types of blinds to clean. Just mix a little bath or hand soap (the gentler, the better) with water and place the mixture inside a spray bottle. Spray this on your blinds (remember to close your blinds first). Then, use a soft, lint-free cloth to wipe your blinds from top to bottom. Turn the slats in reverse and do the same procedure.

3. Use a dry sponge for blinds that are made of cloth. Never use harsh cleaners or solvents on cloth blinds, especially white ones because they stain easily. You can use a dry sponge to scrub away dirt and dust. You can also use gentle hand soap and water to get rid of stains. Microfiber towels work just as well. Just wet these with water, ring out excess water and use the damp towels to clean your cloth blinds.

4. For stubborn dirt and grime on aluminum shades, take them down. Create a foamy mixture of gentle laundry detergent and water and use this to sponge away the grime and dirt. After that, you can wipe each slat with a damp towel or rag. One simple tip to keep the dust from clinging to your blinds is to wipe the slats with fabric softener sheets. This also leaves you with sweet-smelling blinds.

Dust and grime build-up can be avoided by vacuuming your blinds every week. There are special attachments available, which you can use with your vacuum to make this task easier. Heavily soiled cloth blinds should be dry-cleaned--never try to wash them yourself so that they don't get ruined. Keep the above tips in mind when cleaning blinds to make sure that your window blinds stay dust-free and last for a long, long time.

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