Dust Mites & Furnace Air Filters

One thing that is common in every household is dust mite. Yes, dust mites are common but they cannot be seen by the naked eyes. With regard to that, when people start to hear something about dust mites, they can't help but ask a lot of questions. Some of those questions are these:

What Do They Look Like?

Dust mites are creatures which are hardly seen by the naked eyes. They are so tiny that you have to use a microscope just to see how they look like. Typically, their length ranges from 420 micrometers and 250 to 300 micrometers in height. Their bodies are translucent and they have eight legs.

Where are They Commonly Found?

Since dust mites want warm and moist surroundings, they usually exist in bedrooms, carpets and furniture. Why in bed? It is because when we people are sleeping, we are giving off the moisture and heat which causes dust mites need to exist.

Why Do They Tend to Exist in Our Homes?

Actually, the reason why dust mites exist in our homes is very simple. Like us, human tend to look for a place which they think is suitable for them to live in and where they can find all the basic things they need to live. Likewise, dust mites exist in our homes because the thing they need to exist can be highly found in our homes specifically in our bedrooms. Dust mites basically eat dander. This dander is also known as the dead skin that falls off from people and even pets.

Can They Cause Harm?

Dust mites aren't harmful to most people. They do not carry disease nor bite people. The only thing that causes them to be termed as harmful is when a certain person has an allergy to their faces. It just happen that dust mites are one of the most common allergies that people have.

What Can I Do About Them?

There are numbers of people who believe that dust mites do not exist in their houses because they maintain the cleanliness of their house. Actually, it is not the case. Dust mites do exist in houses no matter how clean the house is. But you shouldn't lose hope because there is something that you can do about dust mites. First thing that you can do is to cover your pillow and your bed with mattress. Doing so is helpful because it keeps dust mites from thriving in the warmth of mattress. The next important thing you have to do is to wash your beddings and then dry them on the hottest settings possible. This should be done on a weekly basis. Heat is something that can really kill them. Lastly, if possible try to run dehumidifier to keep the moisture out of the air.

Hopefully the things stated above gives you some helpful insights in treating dust mites. It is somewhat scary to think that little creatures are running in your bed while you are sleeping, right? But worry no more for you have something that you can do to end the existence of those dust mites.

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